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List of Grand Theft Auto IV characters

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A number of recurring characters appear in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, set in 2008. The characters that appear in Grand Theft Auto IV are relatively diverse and relative to the respective boroughs of Liberty City they are based in, belonging to various gangs and ethnic groups. The player controls Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.[1] According to Dan Houser, "virtually none of the characters from the previous games returned, as the GTA IV era is set in a parallel universe compared to the GTA III era.

Unlike previous games in the series, the voice actors of Grand Theft Auto IV do not include notable and high-profile celebrities, instead opting for lesser known actors such as Michael Hollick, Jason Zumwalt, Tony Patellis, Moti Margolin, Ryan Johnston, Thomas Lyons, Frank Bonsangue, Timothy Adams and Coolie Ranx. However, several high-profile DJs host the various radio stations within the game such as Iggy Pop, Karl Lagerfeld, Juliette Lewis, Daddy Yankee, and real life DJs like DJ Premier, DJ Green Lantern, Lazlow, and real life comedians Katt Williams and Ricky Gervais can be seen at the Comedy Club and also be heard being interviewed on the in-game radio station WKTT.

For the first time in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV features "morality choices" in several points of the game, in which the player is forced to choose between killing or sparing a character, or killing one of two characters. In some of these situations the player can choose to carry out execution-style killings, which are played out as cut scenes. The game also has two possible endings, which is determined by a decision the player makes with the main antagonist towards the conclusion of the storyline: Revenge or Deal. Each choice affects the missions the player can partake and the fate of some characters.

Main characters[edit]

Niko Bellic[edit]

Niko Bellic (Gaj's Latin: Niko Belić, Serbian Cyrillic: Нико Белић) is the main protagonist and player character of Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko grew up during the hard times of The Yugoslav wars,[1] in which he participated as an angry youth. Niko witnessed many atrocities and war crimes, including a number of children lined up against a church wall, each with their throats slit and hands cut off. A defining moment in the war, for Niko, was when his army unit of fifteen young men from his village were ambushed by the enemy. Niko barely escaped and most of his friends were killed. He later discovers that two other members of the unit also survived, and concludes that one of those two sold the unit out for money. Niko vows to track down the culprit, motivated not solely by revenge, but a need for closure and to move on with his own life.

Personality-wise, Niko is a very down-to-business person, and is very protective when it comes to his family and friends, especially Roman. The most significant aspect of Niko's personality is his cynicism, which he gained in the war. He criticizes his acquaintances for expecting him to have fun amidst his troubled situation. Niko's biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past; this causes him much anger and depression when the issue of finding his betrayers comes up. Niko is criticized by many of his friends and (most notably) by Roman for this weakness. His first girlfriend was Michelle, whom he later leaves after she turns out to be an undercover detective, and his later girlfriend, Kate McReary either dies at the end (if the player chooses Revenge) or feels disappointed in Niko for violating his principles, but forgives and consoles him in his time of loss (in Deal). Niko also has three other optional girlfriends: Carmen Ortiz, Kiki Jenkins and Alexandra Chilton.

Niko came into the United States as a personal call from Roman. He is shown to arrive on the boat from the Adriatic Sea, along with a pack of prominent diamonds smuggled into the United States, which serves as the game's plot.

Niko was voiced by Michael Hollick.[2]

Roman Bellic[edit]

Roman Bellic (Gaj's Latin: Roman Belić, Serbian Cyrillic: Роман Белић) is Niko's cousin. He lived in Liberty City for 10 years. Roman and Niko's fathers were brothers, and like Niko's father, Roman's father was also an abusive alcoholic. According to Niko, Roman's mother was raped and murdered during the war, although Roman believes she died in a house fire; to this day, Niko could not find it in his heart to tell Roman of his mother's true fate. Roman claims to be living the American Dream to his relatives and that he has two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars. He successfully manages to persuade his cousin Niko to move to the city by using this deception. When Niko arrives, however, he realises that in reality Roman lives in a small, dirty apartment, owns a gritty, private-hire taxi firm in Broker,[3] has a gambling problem and owes money to many criminals, such as the Mafia.

Niko eventually got him out of debt with some Albanian gangsters and his Russian loan shark Vlad Glebov who he ends up killing because he slept with Mallorie and because Niko already didn't like Vlad. Despite Niko's frustration with Roman's lies, Roman is optimistic and claims to be in the process of achieving the "American Sex Dream". Niko admits that Roman has indeed found some success in America because of Mallorie, Roman's longtime girlfriend whom he later weds.

During the course of the game[clarification needed], his apartment and business are burned down by Dimiltri Rascalov and the Liberty City Bratva. He later sets up another taxi company in Bohan with the insurance money and moves in with Mallorie, but is kidnapped again after a losing streak at a gambling den that is in actuality an unsuccessful trap by Dimitri to lure Niko and have him killed. Roman, after managing to finally win big, ultimately buys a penthouse in Algonquin and upgrades his taxi company, having achieved the "American Dream". During the game's finale, Roman attempts to persuade Niko into striking a drug deal with Dimitri Rascalov due to the amount of money involved. If Niko chooses the "Revenge" storyline, Roman is disappointed that Niko does not do the deal (although he understands Niko's decision) but prepares for his imminent wedding. After the ceremony, a furious Jimmy Pegorino shows up and guns down Kate McReary outside the church. Angered that Kate was killed at his wedding, Roman and Little Jacob help Niko to take down Pegorino. In the "Deal" storyline, Roman is inadvertently killed at his wedding by an assassin sent by Dimitri, in an attempt on Niko's life. In both endings, it is revealed that Mallorie is pregnant with Roman's child.

Roman Bellic is voiced by Jason Zumwalt.

Mallorie Bardas-Bellic[edit]

Mallorie "Mal" Bardas-Bellic is the Puerto Rican girlfriend, later wife, of Roman Bellic. Mallorie is Roman's girlfriend for the first part of the storyline (although she secretly sees Vlad Glebov before Niko kills him) before becoming his fiancée. One of her cousins owns an apartment in Bohan which Niko and Roman seek refuge in after Roman's apartment and taxi depot are set on fire and destroyed. Towards the conclusion of the storyline, Mallorie and Roman wed, and it is revealed that she is pregnant in both storylines. In the "Deal" storyline ending, Mallorie's pregnancy reveals to be a boy and becomes a widow after Roman is gunned down outside of the church, but in the "Revenge" storyline ending, Roman contacts Niko both revealing Mallorie's pregnancy and that he has chosen to name his possible daughter Kate, in honour of Kate McReary, who died at the wedding of Roman and Mallorie.

Mallorie's maiden name is wrongly credited as "Ramos" in the European Xbox 360 instruction manual, but is correctly credited "Bardas" in the PlayStation 3 instruction manual and manuals in other regions.

Mallorie is voiced by Elena Hurst.

Little Jacob[edit]

"Little" Jacob Hughes is a Jamaican arms and drug dealer. He resides in Schotter and sells Niko weapons out of the trunk of his car. He and Roman are friends and he appears on cover-art for the game. He quickly becomes good friends with Niko as well after Niko saves him from an ambush in an alley. Jacob assists Niko several times throughout the story, helping discover who ripped off Elizabeta's drug deal, and providing back-up on several occasions including when Niko takes on Dimitri and Pegorino in the finale of the storyline. Jacob is also the one who tracks down Pegorino and/or Dimitri for the final mission to help Niko avenge Roman (Deal Ending) or Kate McReary (Revenge Ending). Once Jacob learns to trust Niko, he offers to sell weapons at a fraction of their street value.

A recurring gag throughout the game is that Jacob always smokes cannabis at inopportune moments, at one point while accompanying Niko in a helicopter chase, much to Niko's dismay. Another recurring joke is his heavy Rastafarian accent, which Niko initially struggles to understand. Little Jacob can also be seen in Team Mafia Work, who needs to be taken to a contact. Kenny Petrović describes him as Small Jacob.

Little Jacob is voiced by Coolie Ranx.

Packie McReary[edit]

Patrick "Packie" McReary is a thug who is also the heir to Liberty City's declining Irish Mob. He is siblings with Kate McReary, Gerry McReary, Francis McReary, and Derrick McReary. He lives with his mother, his brother and sister, who he is protective of, and harbors strong hatred towards his late father. Packie has never ventured beyond Liberty City and wishes to visit Ireland. He admits that he has a cocaine addiction and cites it as the reason he has had an unsuccessful life. Packie's sister Kate shows interest in Niko - a point that Packie regularly uses to make fun of Niko throughout the course of the game. He is a close friend and associate of Elizabeta Torres, leader of a small-time drug syndicate. When drunk, Packie loudly resents having to always take orders from his brother, Gerry. He also shows signs of depression and suicidal thoughts. If his friendship level is high enough, Niko can call Packie to prepare a car bomb, which is detonated by phone. In the Ballad Of Gay Tony episodic pack, the ending credits show that after the GTA IV storyline ends, Patrick left Liberty City on a plane. In Grand Theft Auto V, it is revealed that he moved to Los Santos. He is met in a random encounter where he must be saved from the police after a robbery, as he does not have a getaway vehicle. He can be killed, but if saved, he is available as crew member for heists, notably one of the best crew members in the game. If he is chosen as a crew member, he will talk about the bank heist that he, Derrick, Michael, and Niko were in.

Packie McReary is voiced by Ryan Johnston.

Brucie Kibbutz[edit]

Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz is a fitness enthusiast and car salesman who enjoys fine women and cars. An overly enthusiastic character, he enjoys the attention he gets from being rich and is a steroid user, specifically "bull shark testosterone". Brucie has a vain attitude towards himself that annoys Niko, but the two manage to become unlikely friends. He sports a tattoo of the Chinese character 我, meaning "Me" or "I"[4] and a necklace that reads "No. One". On his left forearm is a tattoo "人妖" meaning "shemale"; he also has a tattoo on his stomach which says "Mommy". His personality is rumored to be modeled after the popular internet personality, FPS Doug and Scott Alexander, (however there are no facts backing up these rumors) an English business man and socialite who Kibbutz physically resembles and also, amongst other things, has a workout regime, executive lifestyle car business and even his "No One" chain (Alexander refers to himself as No. 1 (number one) and has a tattoo of this on his right arm and also used it as his motto and in his business interests) that all reference and relate to Alexander. Brucie owns a garage in BOABO, Broker called "Brucie's Executive Auto Garage", and often appears in in-game radio advertisements promoting his business. He can be found in the police database as wanted for possession of steroids. Niko suspects that Brucie's macho behavior is due to hidden low self-esteem and Brucie mentions that he was bullied for being overweight as a child. When Niko later learns that the assassinations he carried out for Brucie was due to Brucie's roid rage, Niko ends their business relationship, but they continue as friends and Niko continues to steal cars and participate in races for him. Once Niko and Brucie become good friends Niko can call Brucie and be taken across Liberty City in Brucie's helicopter. In the "Deal" alternate ending Brucie sends Niko an email offering him his support after Roman's death.

Brucie's insecurities are expanded upon in The Ballad of Gay Tony. The DLC introduces Brucie's elder brother Mori, who is one of Gay Tony's creditors. Mori moves in with his brother after showing up in Brucie's apartment unannounced. He is much more intelligent than Brucie, having been accepted by not one but two Ivy League universities after a stint in the Israeli Army, and is more physically fit than Brucie without having used steroids. He constantly taunts Brucie, calling him weak and stupid. Brucie is at one point seen on the verge of tears after this abuse, specifically when Mori defeats him in a game of chess. It is strongly implied that Brucie is a closeted homosexual or bisexual due to his extreme insecurity when people imply he's "gay", which is further evidenced in a tense conversation between him and Luis Lopez at Maisonette 9 in which Brucie attempts to kiss, and then offers to perform oral sex on, Luis (although the in-game audio cuts out, Brucie's character model appears to whisper the words "I'll suck your dick" into Luis' ear). Brucie finally puts an end to his brother's insults by breaking Mori's nose after Luis encourages him to stand up for himself, which results in Mori himself on the ground in tears, crying, "not the face!".

Brucie Kibbutz is voiced by Timothy Adams.

Dwayne Forge[edit]

Dwayne Forge is the former mentor of Playboy X. He is an old school African-American gangster who used to be a very influential and feared criminal. However, Dwayne confesses at 1 point that he wanted to be a police officer as a youth, but the LCPD did not encourage African American police officers to join in the '70s and '80s. He also had trouble reading and writing due to a learning disability. Dwayne's father was an abusive, small-time criminal that was killed by drug dealers that he tried to rip-off, but Dwayne felt no emotion when he learned of his death. Dwayne soon learned that a lot of money was to be had in the drug trade and that he was very good at intimidating people. He also found that, despite his difficulties reading, he was very good at the basic mathematics required for his trade. Although Dwayne himself disliked the drugs he was dealing, he soon became the leader of his own drug ring called the North Holland Hustlers. At the height of his power, Dwayne claims he rented out entire apartments just to have someplace to store all the money that his gang was making.

In 1999, Dwayne was arrested and convicted on charges of crack distribution. He is released from prison during the events of the game, but is disturbed by the world of bling and excess he's found in an underworld that was all about straight business when he left it almost a decade ago. He is confused because crime lords by the game's events are looking into legitimate business, blurring the line between legal and illegal. He is distraught because his menacing and powerful reputation has been forgotten, even finding out that his girlfriend Cherise left him for a known informant named Jayvon Simson, even after Dwayne pulled strings from behind bars to pay her rent over the years. Feeling betrayed, Dwayne is also upset that Playboy X ignores him and excludes him from the gang's business, which is resorting to more high-profile crimes. Niko is paid by Playboy to work for Dwayne, and he ends up sympathizing with Dwayne's plight and helps him rebuild his reputation and confidence. After Dwayne pays Niko to shut down a club that he used to own that was taken over by associates of Playboy X, Dwayne and Playboy X call Niko to kill one another, giving him a choice of whom to kill. If the player kills Playboy X, Dwayne receives a deed and gives Niko the penthouse of his old protégé and he becomes Niko's friend. If the player kills Dwayne, Playboy X pays Niko $25,000 but lashes out at him for killing his "brother figure", calling him "nothing but a cold-blooded killer" and refuses to speak to him again. When hanging out with Dwayne, he complains about his hard knock life and comes off as very depressed - when drunk, he admits that he bottles up his emotions to maintain his tough persona. Niko eventually sternly tells Dwayne to stop lamenting about his past. Dwayne lives at the Governor Greg Johnson Projects at Vespucci Circus in North Holland (which he would prefer to live in than Playboy X's penthouse, as it would only remind him of Playboy). If Dwayne's friendship level is high enough, Niko can call him to receive two North Holland Hustler bodyguards for backup. Niko sympathizes with Dwayne, as they share many cynical views together, however, Dwayne expresses these views very frequently, which annoys Niko and eventually Niko tells him to stop being so depressed. Dwayne takes this to heart and begins to see the world more positively.

Dwayne Forge is voiced by Devin Richards.

Kate McReary[edit]

Katherine "Kate" McReary is the only daughter in the McReary family. Packie says she is the only honest and good McReary sibling, and she's one of the few encountered characters in the game who doesn't have a criminal record. Several of Packie's stories about the McReary family have to do with Kate witnessing several violent acts at a very young age, such as watching Gerry and Francis angrily beat each other up or catching Gerry return home with blood all over his clothes. She serves as Niko's primary love interest in the game, at one point kissing him on the cheek, and she can be taken out on dates like all the other girlfriends in the game. However, unlike the other girlfriends in the game, she never invites Niko into her house after a successful date, due to her unwillingness to engage in pre-marital sex (a point that Packie regularly jokes about).

If the player chooses the "Deal" storyline, Kate sees that Niko will compromise his principles for money and refuses to go to Roman's wedding with him. However, after Roman's death, Kate offers her condolences and support to Niko. If the player chooses the "Revenge" storyline, she attends Roman's wedding with Niko and starts to pursue a romantic relationship with him. However, this is cut short when Jimmy Pegorino, who is enraged by Niko's betrayal and the failure of his drug deal, turns up at Roman's wedding and guns her down in a drive-by killing. Roman later tells Niko that Mallorie is pregnant, and that if they have a daughter, they will name her Kate to honor her memory. Her death affects the McReary family as well, and her brother Packie admits that they really are the sinners and comforts his mother for a little while before leaving Liberty City at the end of the Ballad Of Gay Tony.

Kate McReary is voiced by Mary Catherine Donnelly.

Supporting characters[edit]

Bernie Crane[edit]

Bernie Crane (formerly as Florian Cravic, Gaj's Latin: Florijan Kravić, Serbian Cyrillic: Флоријан Кравић) was the only other surviving member of Niko Bellic's squad after Darko Brevic. America has changed him greatly, as apparent by his new founded homosexuality after moving to Liberty City. Bernie is a lifestyle coach, and having a secret affair with the Deputy Mayor, Bryce Dawkins. He is first introduced in the mission "Weekend at Florian's" after being located by Niko with the help of "Talbot Daniels". Niko originally intends to kill Florian. However, before Niko can even mention why he came over, Florian accuses him of betraying the unit first, and they realise that Darko Brevic must be responsible. They both share a hatred for Darko, but Florian has accepted the betrayal and moved on with his life, unlike Niko. After doing some work for Florian: First fending off a homophobic stalker, and then Dimitri Rascalov when he tries to blackmail Bryce Dawkins for his homosexual affair, Bernie gives Niko, Bryce's Infernus sports car as a sign of gratitude. Bernie later shows up at Roman's wedding.

Bernie Crane is voiced by Timothy J. Alex.


Michelle is Niko's first girlfriend and met through Mallorie Bardas. Niko takes her on a date to the carnival, though these arrangements are changed to the bowling alley nearby. Niko appears to like Michelle, and Roman and Mallorie encourage him to keep dating her - however, the player may notice Michelle is very awkward or wooden around Niko. Her conversations and text messages are also suspicious - they are always probing about whether Niko is involved with some "bad people". Provided she is taken on enough good dates, Michelle may invite Niko into her home. She "appreciates" Niko in her wooden way, and Niko refers to her as a "good listener".

Later in the game (during the mission "Wrong is Right"), she reveals her real name is Karen. She takes the drugs Niko had stolen for Elizabeta, blackmailing Niko into working for U.L. Paper. After this mission, Niko is extremely bitter and dumps her. She is last seen taking Niko to meet U.L. Paper, who later reveals that Karen tricked Niko for them to "get her life back". She made some mistakes in her life, and needed some money and freedom to get on with it. Niko places much of the blame on Roman for introducing him to her, increasing tensions further after his apartment and business are destroyed. Later in the game (during a cutscene with his U.L Paper contact), Niko asks what happened to Karen. He was told "We gave her her life back." and that she is still working for U.L. Paper. Michelle makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto V, now an agent for the IAA. She is observed by the player attempting to corruptly extract information from Mr. K. She also makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online, serving as one of the two masters of the Humane Labs Raid, working alongside Agent 14.

Michelle is voiced by Rebecca Henderson.

Francis McReary[edit]

Francis "Frankie" McReary is the Deputy Commissioner of the Liberty City Police Department. He aspires to become the Commissioner. However, blackmailers have emerged with evidence of his corruption. Francis first meets Niko briefly during a publicity shoot with Manny Escuela and later contacts Niko confidentially, wanting to pay him to silence those who wish to expose his corruption. He also knows that Niko killed Mikhail Faustin, and uses this information to blackmail Niko into his service. Francis is, above all, a hypocrite; believing that his position automatically makes him a good person and absolves him of any corruption. The McReary family is fully aware of this - as a youngster, he became an altar server, insisting that he wanted to serve The Lord. However, Gerry revealed that he only became an altar boy to steal the money from the church collection plate, but believed the theft should be overlooked because he was an altar server. Francis then attempted to become a priest but was barred from applying after it emerged he cheated on his seminary exam. Francis then pursued his career in the L.C.P.D. The only reason why Francis does not take down his own family is because his brother, Gerald, has a lot of dirt on Francis' past and will alert the authorities the moment Francis tries anything.

Francis eventually discovers that his older brother Derrick has returned to Liberty City from Ireland. Francis believes he will alert the press about his corruption, and orders Niko to assassinate Derrick. Francis lures Derrick to a secluded park bench, while Niko waits on a rooftop with a sniper-rifle. However, Niko is then presented with the choice of whether to kill Derrick or Francis. In Blood Brothers, Niko can call Francis to increase his pay before the assassination on Derrick occurs. If Niko decides to kill Derrick, he may call Francis to remove a wanted level. If Niko kills Francis, he gets nothing from Derrick except a "thank you", and Packie will say that he couldn't stand him.

Francis McReary is voiced by Thomas Lyons.

Gerry McReary[edit]

Gerald "Gerry" McReary is the boss of the Liberty City Irish Mob and brother of the Deputy Police Commissioner, Francis McReary. He gives orders through his younger brother, Packie. Gerry is upset with the McReary Family's weakened state, which has them working as hired guns for the Pegorino family and other organizations, because they used to be the most powerful gang in the city. He does not trust Niko at first because he is not Irish, but changes his mind after Niko helps the McReary Family with a daring bank heist. Gerry then tasks Niko with attacking other criminal organizations to prove that the McReary Family still has power, but which also benefit his employer, Don Jimmy Pegorino. Gerry starts to grow a trust with Niko asking him to help watch over the family while he's in prison. Throughout the course of the game, he is released from prison and subsequently rearrested on charges such as armed robbery and racketeering. Despite being incarcerated, Gerry still gives thinly veiled orders to Niko revolving around the kidnapping of Gracie Ancelotti to barter for diamonds that the Ancelotti family stole from Ray Boccino. Although Packie initially believes that the charges against Gerry will be dropped, Gerry hints to Niko that he will be in prison until 2009.

Gerry McReary is voiced by P.J. Sosko.

Derrick McReary[edit]

Derrick McReary is yet another member of McReary Family and the oldest. He has a severe addiction to heroin, so Packie asks Niko to keep an eye out for his brother's safety. Derrick has recently returned from Ireland where he assisted the Irish Republican Army in fighting the British, but his other brother, Francis, says that Derrick actually fled there to lie low because he ripped off powerful mobsters in Liberty City. Two of Derrick's old friends, Bucky Sligo and Aiden O'Malley, believed that Derrick snitched on them to the authorities and constantly threatened him and his family as result, despite Derrick's claims of innocence. The accusations from his former friends caused him tremendous grief and fueled his drug addictions. If Niko hangs out with Packie enough, he will eventually reveal that Derrick actually did snitch on Bucky and Aiden (This is also indicated on his record LCPD criminal profile database, accessible on the in-game internet). Derrick McReary was the leader of the Irish Mob but gave the position to Gerry after he left.

Derrick seems to be the most compassionate of all the McReary children, as is shown with the way he tries to calm down the bank staff and customers during the heist. When Francis discovers that Derrick is back in town, he worries that he will reveal Francis' corruption to the press for money. He talks with Derrick in a park as part of an attempt to use Niko to kill him, thinking that he must go outside the law to take down his brother. Niko has a choice of whom to kill. If Derrick is killed, Francis then provides Niko with a more detailed version of the LCPD database and the player will also have the option to call Francis to get rid of a wanted level up to 3 stars only once. Niko will also be paid very royally in the process. If Francis is killed, Derrick will last be seen at his funeral and never appears again. If Packie becomes a crew member in Grand Theft Auto V, he mentions that his brother Derrick is dead, though he doesn't reveal how Derrick died.

Derrick McReary is voiced by George Feaster.

Elizabeta Torres[edit]

Elizabeta "Liz" Torres is a successful small-time Puerto Rican drug dealer in Bohan. She was notorious in her home country after she brutally killed a man that tried to rape her when she was only 14. However, Elizabeta knows an upcoming drug crackdown is going to make her life very difficult[5] and with her own narcotic use spiraling out of control, she's becoming increasingly paranoid and delusional. She introduces Niko to Packie McReary and later to Johnny Klebitz. In a drugged panic, she shoots Manny and his cameraman Jay[4] after he tries to film her as part of his documentary about the crime in Bohan. She then tells Niko to drive the bodies to a black market building before the cops find out about it. After Niko eliminates the bodies of Manny and his cameraman, he receives a call from Elizabeta saying that she's cutting off their relationship because the police are closing in on her. By using the police database website, the player can find out she is in police custody. According to news reports, and the in-game radio, Torres is found guilty of 30 charges of cocaine distribution, 10 years per charge, totaling 300 years to life in prison.

Elizabeta initially appeared in the third trailer and in the promotional artwork for the game. Although earlier renditions of the artwork depict her as much thinner than her final appearance, it is shown on advertisement posters made by Rockstar Games that she is between 170 cm - 180 cm tall and may weigh 235-265 pounds. Elizabeta drives a pink and white Voodoo and she lives in an apartment block on San Quentin Avenue in Fortside.

Elizabeta Torres is voiced by Charleigh E. Parker.

Manny Escuela[edit]

Manuel "Manny" Escuela is a Puerto Rican former hoodlum from South Bohan who has supposedly changed his ways, and wants to clean up the streets.[5] He operates from a recreational center in a South Bohan housing project where he works as a dance instructor. He is currently recording a documentary explaining his struggles and problems.[5] Manny hires Niko to kill criminals while Manny takes the credit. He is a close friend of Mallorie from when he was younger growing up as a homeless youth in South Bohan. Manuel suggests that Niko should get involved in the television business and possibly star in his own documentary. He gets upset with the final cut of the documentary, claiming it does not make him look "street." As a result, Niko becomes more annoyed of Manny running his mouth. He is shot in the head along with his cameraman by Elizabeta Torres after he angers her by confronting her for new, more aggressive material for the documentary. The bodies are given to a doctor for the black market organ trade, which Niko finds ironic because Manny will finally help people, but in a very different way. Because Niko gave Manny and Jay's bodies to a black market doctor, they are listed as "Missing" on the LCPD database, and not "Deceased." In "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony", Troy, the doorman at Tony Prince's nightclub Hercules, says he is going to have a film crew follow him around because their previous subject (Manny) disappeared.

Manny Escuela is voiced by Berto Colón.

United Liberty Paper[edit]

United Liberty Paper, also known as U.L. Paper or simply U.L.P.C., is a front for a shadowy government agency (later turned out to be the International Affairs Agency(IAA) in Grand Theft Auto V) that denies any affiliation to existing branches such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (or Federal Investigation Bureau/FIB as it is referred to in the game) to which Niko's contact even expresses disgust when Niko asks him, or National Office Of Security Enforcement (NOOSE). Niko's contact is a presumed government agent who is revealed as Michelle's superior, known in many circles as The Contact. Niko is given a choice - he can work for him - the work including reconnaissance and assassination missions - or risk exposure to local law enforcements. In return for Niko's services, The Contact promises to use his organization to search Europe for Darko Brević, which he knows Niko is unlikely to refuse. The Contact never reveals his true name and as such is often referred to synonymously with the organization he represents (although a diploma of some sort behind his desk reads "Edward T. Fortune"). The United Liberty Paper finally finds Darko Brević and, after Niko helps The Contact's mutual friend, John Gravelli, he has him transported to Liberty City from Bucharest and lets Niko deal with him himself. He says he was in the army, and once addresses Niko in Serbian, saying that America is 'just like the Old Country' (Niko responds (in Serbian) "Just like it.").

The Contact's appearance (complete with horn-rimmed glasses) as well as the fact that the agency's front is a paper company may be references to Noah Bennet and Primatech Paper respectively, from the TV series Heroes. The Contact also bears an uncanny resemblance to Milton James, the actor who portrays him.

The Contact later makes a reappearance in Grand Theft Auto V, where he arrives with a group of IAA agents to try and apprehend Steve Haines in The Wrap Up.

Within the game's architecture, the character's texture and model are labelled 'GIA' in the absence of a name for the character.[6]

United Liberty Paper is voiced by Milton James.

Phil Bell[edit]

Phil Bell is a high-ranking member of the Pegorino crime family, and the right-hand man of Don Jimmy Pegorino. He is 90% Irish with some Italian heritage. He gives Niko a few tasks towards the end of the game, also accompanying him on some of them. Phil and Ray Boccino strongly dislike each other, and after a while Jimmy is forced to choose between the two. He chooses to let Phil live and sends Niko to kill Ray.

In either the "Deal" or "Revenge" game ending, Phil and Niko end on good terms, and Phil decides to leave organized crime for good. In "Deal", Phil joins Niko in fighting to pick up a large payment for a heroin deal after Dimitri Rascalov has ruined the plans by killing the buyer's representatives, they successfully manage this and both can enjoy a large cut of the cash. In "Revenge", after Niko has killed Dimitri Rascalov, Phil calls to say he understands why Niko chose to do what he did and informs him that the Pegorinos have fallen apart and they can no longer talk. He finishes with "I'm out man, goodbye". It is revealed that Phil has a divorced wife and at least two children. In the game's post-credits, Phil Bell is seen driving to Jimmy Pegorino's house and going inside, implying that he and Angie Pegorino have been having an affair.

Phil Bell was voiced by Frank Bonsangue.

Jon Gravelli[edit]

Jon Gravelli is an old school and well connected Mafia boss who took charge of the Gambetti Family in 1978 after the death of Sonny Cangelosi. The Gambetti Family became one of the most powerful of Liberty City's Mafia families under Gravelli's leadership. He had a son, Jon Gravelli, Jr., who was a former associate of the Gambetti's but was disowned after he developed a cocaine addiction.

Since 2005, he was a patient in Schottler Medical Center. He was charged with racketeering in 2006 and was awaiting trial. In 2008, Gravelli was introduced to Niko Bellic via cell phone through his contact at U.L. Paper who is referred to as a "mutual friend". Gravelli and Niko quickly take a mutual liking to each other, and Gravelli expresses his gratitude by saying "you've given a dying man a last few moments of happiness". It was through his and U.L Paper's assistance that Niko is able to have Darko Brevic delivered to him. After Niko has taken his revenge on Dimitri Rascalov or Jimmy Pegorino, Gravelli passes away peacefully in his sleep, prior to standing trial. His death was off-screen, not showing the outcome.

He might be based on Junior Soprano or real life Mafia Don Carlo Gambino and John Gotti.

Jon Gravelli is voiced by Madison Arnold.

Wade "The Fixer" Johnson[edit]

Wade Johnson, known as The Fixer, is an assassin agency manager in Liberty City. He works by receiving tasks from employers and later contacting known hitmen through payphones and delivering instructions to them on who to kill. He is a friend of Phil Bell who establishes a connection between Johnson and Niko Bellic. Johnson gives Niko assassination missions by calling him on a payphone and telling him who to kill. After performing his missions for a time, Fixer cuts ties with Niko to avoid drawing attention towards himself

Wade was voiced by Karel Roden.


Dimitri Rascalov[edit]

Dimitri Rascalov (Russian: Дмитрий Раскалoв) is a Russian criminal and the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Dimitri is initially shown as Mikhail Faustin's right-hand man; they are old friends from their army and prison years. Dimitri is the more sensible of the 2, although Mikhail claims that Dimitri is addicted to barbiturates and painkillers. He and Niko quickly make friends when Dimitri becomes annoyed with Mikhail's violent leadership, which has given their organization more enemies and caused the law to monitor them more closely. He later betrays Mikhail and orders Niko to kill him in order to prevent a gang war with Kenny Petrovic - before he is killed, Mikhail warns that America has made Dimitri greedy and that he will betray Niko as well. Niko later meets with Dimitri at a warehouse to collect his reward for the killing, where Dimitri does indeed betray him and reveals his new partner, Ray Bulgarin, Niko's former boss in the human trafficking ring, who orders his men to kill Niko. Little Jacob comes to Niko's rescue and mentions that Dimitri has escaped and they can deal with him another time. Dimitri and Bulgarin set fire to Roman's apartment and taxi depot, effectively running Niko and Roman out of Broker. The cousins escape to Bohan to avoid any further trouble, after receiving threats from Dimitri via phone. Dimitri attempts to kill Niko twice more, once by kidnapping Roman to lure Niko to a warehouse filled with his men, and another time by sending Bulgarin and his men to sabotage a hostage exchange between the McRearys and the Ancelottis at which Niko is there. Dimitri calls Niko after both attempts, furious that he's not dead and threatens future attempts on his life. Upon learning that Niko is helping Bernie Crane and Bryce Dawkins, whose relationship he is trying to expose, Dimitri calls Niko and suggests that they re-establish their friendship and work together to expose them. Niko reminds Dimitri of his betrayal.

Towards the conclusion of the main storyline, the Pegorino family - whom Niko works for - enters an alliance with another organization to find a buyer for a large amount of drugs that they stole earlier in the game, which would finally put the Pegorinos on the map. Dimitri's Bratva is the other organization, putting Niko in an awkward position - the player has to make a choice of either picking up the cash from the buyers Dimitri found or get revenge and kill him. If the player chooses to strike a "Deal", Niko and Phil Bell are assigned to pick up the cash at a location while Dimitri sells the drugs at another location. Dimitri appears happy with Niko's decision but, deciding to keep the heroin, he then betrays and kills the buyers at his end, forcing Niko and Phil to kill the buyers at their location in order to obtain the cash. They are successful. However, Dimitri is aware that Niko has not forgotten his earlier betrayal and, still fearing his retaliation, he sends a hitman to Roman's wedding to eliminate him, but Roman is accidentally killed during a struggle. Niko tracks Dimitri and Pegorino down in Alderney and Dimitri kills Pegorino before escaping. Niko pursues Dimitri to Happiness Island, before ensuing in a final confrontation in which he kills Dimitri. If the player chooses to strike "Revenge" Niko kills Dimitri. At Roman's wedding, Pegorino kills Niko's girlfriend and Packie's sister Kate. Niko then pursues Pegorino to Happiness Island and kills him.

Dimitri is voiced by Moti Margolin.

Preceded by
Jerry Martinez
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto IV
Succeeded by
Billy Grey
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

Jimmy Pegorino[edit]

Don James "Jimmy" Pegorino is a mobster heavily involved in drugs distribution, head of the Alderney-based Pegorino crime family. The Pegorinos also have a hangout in Little Italy, the Drusilla's Ristorante. Jimmy Pegorino's aims to see his family become part of the Liberty City La Cosa Nostra "Commission". The main five families of Liberty City (The Ancelotti, Pavano, Messina, Lupisella and Gambetti Crime Syndicates) think that the Pegorinos are nothing more than a "joke". As the Ancelotti's are the weakest members of the Commission, he uses his hired muscle, the McReary Irish Mob, to attack their hired muscle and hinder them. Pegorino's wife Angie is seen several times in the story, complaining about the way Pegorino's crime syndicate is run. He hires Niko to do some work for him, such as killing his best guard (who turned out to be an agent working for the government) and Ray Boccino. Near the end of the game, Pegorino orders Niko to join him and take part in Dimitri's plan to sell heroin, leaving him to choose whether or not to make the deal or take his revenge on Dimitri.

If Niko makes the deal with him and Dimitri, they will both decide to keep the heroin themselves. Later, Pegorino is shot by Dimitri who tells him, "I didn't work this hard to share the spoils of a victory". If Niko decides to get revenge and kill Dimitri, Pegorino will become upset at Niko for betraying him and tries to kill him at Roman's wedding; he ends up killing Kate instead. Filled with grief, Niko tracks down Pegorino's hidout in an abandoned casino with the help of Roman and Jacob. After killing his goons, he finds Pegorino, who states that things would've gone better if he worked for him, before escaping onto a speedboat. After a while, Roman and Jacob pick up Niko in a helicopter and chase him down. Eventually, both vehicles crash into Happiness Island, where Niko kills him to avenge Kate.

Jimmy Pegorino is voiced by Tony Patellis.

Darko Brevic[edit]

Darko Brevic (Gaj's Latin: Darko Brević, Serbian Cyrillic: Дарко Бревић) is the man who betrayed Niko Bellic's old army unit. As a reward for all of Niko's help, Jon Gravelli and United Liberty Paper track down Darko in Bucharest, Romania. They kidnap him and bring him to Liberty City where Niko confronts him, discovering that Darko has a drug addiction and that he betrayed his unit for a mere $1,000 in order to fund his addiction, and implies that he wanted to get back at some members of the unit who murdered his neighbours. During the time that has since passed, his addiction has worsened from his overwhelming guilt. Darko begs Niko to kill him, freeing him from his demons.

The player is given the choice of killing him or sparing his life at the airport. If the player spares Darko, Darko will stand up to his feet, then runs away screaming, and is no longer seen again. Niko initially becomes angry at his decision, but later admits that "it took every fiber of my being pulling in the same direction not to kill Darko," and decides that killing Darko would not have changed anything and that allowing him to suffer is a worse punishment than death. Both Roman and Bernie congratulate him for finally releasing his inner demons and overcoming his desire for revenge. If the player decides to execute Darko, Niko will shoot him twelve times, one shot for each of his lost friends. Darko then thanks Niko with his dying breath and Niko reveals he does not feel any better at all. Interestingly, if Darko is killed via another method, such as an airplane accidentally running over him, Niko's speech on his feelings will instantly change to if Niko had executed Darko himself.

Darko Brević is voiced by Michael Medeiros.

Playboy X[edit]

Trey "Playboy X" Stewart is an African-American gangbanger. He was introduced to Niko by Elizabeta Torres and he owns a penthouse in Northwood. He was the protégé of Dwayne Forge, a drug baron and gang leader who was recently released from prison, but Playboy has since moved on without him, fully embracing the new criminal world of materialism that blurs on the legitimate. He aspires to be a property developer and "see [his] name in big, gold letters!". He seeks an alliance with an extremely wealthy condo developer from Dubai named Yusuf Amir, by having Niko kill unionized construction workers that have invaded his site. Yusuf then cuts ties with Playboy X and builds a memorial to the dead workers. He often admits that he is damaging his neighborhood with drugs and says that once he is wealthy he wishes to give back to schools and children. However, his penthouse and lifestyle show that he is already a huge success. Playboy is also uneducated, claiming that Dubai is located in Africa and that Jesus Christ killed John the Baptist. Playboy eventually pays Niko to work for Dwayne, mainly because he does not want to deal with Dwayne himself anymore. After Dwayne orders Niko to kill the managers of a strip club that Playboy owns, Playboy realizes that his old mentor does not understand the new way business is done and that he is a hindrance to his organization. He asks Niko to kill Dwayne. Dwayne, sensing he is a target, asks Niko to kill Playboy. Niko must choose whom to kill. If the player kills Dwayne, Playboy pays Niko, but scolds him for killing his "father figure" and cuts ties with Niko. If the player chooses to kill Playboy X, a gunfight occurs when Playboy orders his goons to kill Niko while he attempts to make an escape. Once his gang is killed by Niko, he is eventually cornered in an alley. He attempts to kill Niko, only to find out that his gun is jammed (ironically, when he throws it to the ground, it goes off). Niko then kills him. After his death, Niko receives Playboy's penthouse in North Holland (including Claude's outfit in Grand Theft Auto III).

Playboy X is voiced by Postell Pringle.

Mikhail Faustin[edit]

Mikhail Faustin (Russian: Михаил Фаустин) is a major figure in Liberty City's Bratva and the owner of the cabaret club Perestroika. He is considered one of the richest residents of Broker, with a large house in the suburb of Beachgate and a "Turismo" sports car (based on the Ferrari 360 Modena). He has a wife, Ilyena, and a daughter, Anna, who dates a member of the biker gang "The Lost", much to his displeasure. He is first introduced when one of his henchmen abducts Niko and Roman for killing Vlad Glebov and interrogates him for his motive. However, Mikhail's reaction when he discovers what is going on in his basement reveals that he had not authorized it. In his rage, he kills his henchman and shoots Roman in the stomach for screaming too loudly. Surprisingly, Mikhail reveals that he approves of Niko's actions, as he had always believed that Vlad was an idiot and his fate had been a long time coming. He admits that "The only reason I keep him around is because I fuck his sister", which also reveals he cheats on his wife, and offers Niko his job. Due to his alcoholism and drug abuse, Mikhail goes through angry mood swings, which causes him to order hits on people for very minor things. He is also quick to physically and mentally abuse his wife. This upsets his partner and old friend, Dimitri, who realizes that the numerous deaths are bad for business and attracts unwanted attention from the law. Things boil over when Mikhail, on a whim, orders Niko to kill Lenny Petrović, the son of another major Bratva boss, Kenny Petrović, as he suspects Lenny was a snitch. As Dimitri tries to smooth things over with Petrovic, Faustin has Niko blow up a garage in Bohan with a truck filled with explosives, simply because the owner, an associate of Kenny Petrovic, did not pay him. Dimitri says about Mikhail that he was a good man, he had his temper but he was just and that things "got to him". His wife also states that when they got married he was a nice man and that he made her happy but something changed on him.

Dimitri sets up Niko to assassinate Mikhail, under the promise of protection from Kenny Petrović to prove that the death should be blamed on Mikhail and that Niko was just a hired gun. Deciding there is no choice, Niko confronts Faustin in Perestroika, where he gets into a gunfight with Faustin and his bodyguards. Chasing the crime lord to the top of the club, Niko corners Faustin and aims a gun at him. Enraged and accepting his fate, Faustin begins to ramble at Niko. He tells him that neither he or Dimitri will survive in America without him, and that the greed of Liberty City takes over everyone. Niko executes Faustin, but not before he is warned by Faustin that Dimitri will betray him. When Niko goes to collect the money for the hit, Dimitri tries to sell Niko to his former boss from his Mediterranean human trafficking days, Bulgarin, who believes Niko owes him money after his ship crashed, making Faustin's premonition correct.

Mikhail Faustin is voiced by Karel Roden.

Ray Boccino[edit]

Raymond "Ray" Boccino is an incredibly greedy caporegime in the Pegorino Family. After being introduced to Niko by Packie McReary, Ray hires Niko for several jobs, mostly revolving around a valuable diamond deal with Isaac Roth that fails. After completing a few missions for Ray, Niko is given a safehouse in Alderney. In return for Niko's help, Ray helps locate Florian Cravic, the man Niko had tracked to Liberty City and suspects of betraying his old army unit. The diamond deal is not Ray's first failed large-scale venture, which upsets Jimmy Pegorino greatly - he considers Ray to be a dumb thug who's desperate to rise through the ranks. Ray dislikes Phil Bell, due to his closer friendship with Pegorino, despite being of Irish-American descent. He also becomes jealous of Niko as he gains more favor with the Don. Pegorino later suspects either Ray or Phil Bell of being a traitor to his family, and insists he have time to decide who it is. He decides it is Ray, and he is soon after killed by Niko.

Ray Boccino is voiced by Joseph Barbara.

Vlad Glebov[edit]

Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov (Russian: Владимир "Влад" Глебов) is a Russian loan shark who lives in Hove Beach, Broker. Vlad also owns the Comrades Bar in Hove Beach, which he frequents. Vlad is an alcoholic and a user of cocaine, for he is seen snorting a vial of cocaine on one occasion. Vlad tries to gain respect from more influential gangsters and is sometimes hypocritical about the citizens of Liberty City. He is also extremely selfish. Niko despises Vlad from the start, who treats Roman poorly and refers to Niko as a "yokel" and a "peasant." Niko also warns Vlad to stay away from Mallorie Bardas, Roman's girlfriend. All the same Niko does a few jobs for Vlad as a favor to Roman. After Niko learns that Vlad has been cheating with Mallorie behind Roman's back, he is outraged, especially when Roman tries to convince him to let the matter die. Despite Roman's attempts to talk him out of it, Niko rushes to Comrade's and confronts Vlad. After a furious chase with Vlad, Niko kills him under Algonquin Bridge, with a panicked Roman by his side, which gains the attention of Vlad's Superior, Mikhail Faustin. Roman lies to Mallorie about his death, saying that he killed Vlad in a fit of rage and that Niko merely disposed of the body for him. On the LCPD database, Vlad is listed as missing instead of deceased, because Niko and Roman disposed Vlad's body into the Humboldt River from a jetty.

Vlad Glebov is voiced by Misha Kuznetsov.

Ray Bulgarin[edit]

Ray Bulgarin (Russian: Рэй Болгарин) is a Russian mobster who was formerly in charge of a human trafficking ring across the Mediterranean Sea which Niko was involved in. He appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

He has been chasing Niko for months before the game's events, as Niko had previously been smuggling people into Italy from eastern Europe until one of the smuggling ships sank. Niko swam to safety, and Bulgarin blames Niko for this turn of events. He returns to Liberty City to meet up with Dmitri Rascalov, who instantly offers Niko to him. He does not capture Niko in his only appearance in GTA IV and Niko remarks that he will kill Bulgarin as his last criminal action, although the game's events do not include this assassination.

Bulgarin first meets Luis when he calls him down to meet him and his partner Timur. Bulgarin and Timur give Luis various missions. In one mission, he phones Luis and tells him to go get the diamonds from an apartment. Luis fails to get the diamonds which results in Bulgarin's betrayal. In the final mission, Luis goes to Funland in Hove Beach and kills Timur and makes it onto a plane that Bulgarin is planning to leave on and mortally wounds him by shooting him and causes him to drop a grenade and the pin, blowing up Bulgarin and the plane as Luis jumps out.

Ray is voiced by Vitali Baganov.

Minor characters[edit]

Johnny Klebitz[edit]

Jonathan "Johnny K" Klebitz is the playable character of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, the first of two downloadable episodic packs for the game.[7] He is voiced by Scott Hill.

Johnny is a tough criminal mastermind of The Lost biker gang, who takes over the bikers after he is monitored to take care of them. He would do anything for the family, being very loyal to them. He is first met by Niko after they are both entrusted to watch over a heroin deal for Elizabeta and Playboy X. The deal turns out to be an LCPD sting, and Johnny disappears during the ensuing gunfight. He later reappears to assist Niko with a Conflict diamonds deal with Isaac Roth, on behalf of Ray Boccino. The deal is ambushed by members of the Ancelotti crime family, and Johnny escapes with $2M in cash.

He also appears in Grand Theft Auto V. He is still the leader of The Lost, but has relapsed into his drug addiction and relationship with Ashley. Because of these circumstances, Johnny has lost weight, is softer and his tough-guy act is easily broken apart. He attempts to interrogate Trevor Philips on whether Trevor is having sex with Ashley. However, his timing is poor, and he is killed by Trevor Philips in a fit of anger after Trevor hears a news broadcast featuring Michael del Santa's quote.

Luis Fernando López[edit]

Luis Fernando López is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is a Dominican street gangster who works as a personal bodyguard for Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, a nightclub entrepreneur, giving him contacts with others who act as bodyguards at his clubs. Luis Lopez appears at three separate occasions. He is first seen at the bank that the McReary Irish Mob are pulling off, beside Eugene Reaper. He can be killed there, but it will not affect the story line. He is then seen again at the Libertonian busting a deal between Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and the Jewish Mob. He also appears in The Lost and Damned storyline when Johnny and The Lost steal some diamonds off mobster Tony 'Gay Tony' Prince, which have just been shipped into the city. Later, he is seen again with Tony Prince at the diamond/hostage exchange with the McReary Mob. During the anticipation of the first episodic pack The Lost and Damned, it was hinted that Luis would be part of the second episode due to hints including numerous, yet minor appearances in the game and as well as the "Impossible Trinity" achievement that is achieved after completing the mission "Museum Piece". Luis is the protagonist of the second episode of the game: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Luis Fernando López is voiced by Mario D'Leon.

Kim Young-Guk[edit]

Kim Young-Guk (Korean: 김영국) is the son of a North Korean friend of Derrick McReary and the leader of the Korean Mob based in Alderney City. Derrick and Niko help Kim enter Liberty City by sea, protecting him from rival gang members who are trying to kill Kim by destroying his boat and its cargo of smuggled counterfeit supernotes. Niko later kills him under orders from U.L. Paper and Jon Gravelli by chasing him out of a Korean restaurant and killing him as he flees in his car.

Kim Young-Guk is voiced by unknown.

Kim's first name, 영국, literally translates to "England" in the Korean language, though this may be merely a homonym.

Luca Silvestri[edit]

Luca Silvestri is a high-ranking member of the Pegorino crime family. As part of a plan to smuggle diamonds for Ray Boccino, Luca and two fellow gang members, Joe DiLeo and John Barbosa - along with Niko - were assigned to pick up garbage bags secretly filled with the diamonds. When Niko departs, Luca and the rest of his crew keep some of the diamonds for themselves and plan to start a new life in Las Venturas. Ray finds out and sends Niko to stop them. Luca and his crew try to escape, but they crash their car in Middle Park. Luca retreats to a public restroom stall, where Niko corners and kills him and retrieves the diamonds. Ray reveals that he never intended for Niko to kill them during a phone call with Niko.

Luca Silvestri is voiced by Robert Kelly.

Real Badman[edit]

Teafore "Badman" Maxwell-Davies is a Caribbean cannabis dealer, associate and best friend of Little Jacob. He speaks Jamaican Patois, as opposed to Jacob's Rastafarian English. As a result, Niko, who already has trouble understanding Jacob's accent, requires him to act as a "translator." When introduced to Niko, he complains about an amateur dealer moving in on his turf and asks Niko to eliminate the dealers. Afterwards, he can be encountered on the streets, where he teams up with Niko to take out a rival gang of drug dealers. Jacob often mentions Badman's growing paranoia due to his marijuana consumption, expressing concern that he doesn't want to get in his way. Niko suggests that Jacob convince him to stop taking as much, but Jacob mentions another criminal, nicknamed "Grandad," who was the only man able to calm Badman down and who has since retired to Jamaica. Regardless of this, Badman appears at Roman's and Mallorie's wedding among the guests.

Real Badman is voiced by Seeborn.

Johnny Barbosa[edit]

John "Johnny Spaz" Barbosa is a member of the Pegorino Crime Family. He first appears alongside Luca and Tuna Fish when the trio work together with Niko in order to collect a stash of diamonds from the trash. Soon after, the three plan to steal the diamonds and move to Las Venturas to start a new life. Niko confronts them in order to retrieve the diamonds for Ray and Johnny reveals that they plan to place the blame for the theft on him. After a brief chase, the car Johnny and the others were in crashes in Middle Park and Barbosa is killed, alongside Tuna Fish, during a shootout with Niko. Johnny Barbosa is a silent character, and therefore has no voice actor.

Joe DiLeo[edit]

Joe "Tuna Fish" DiLeo is a member of the Pegorino Crime Family. He first appears, alongside Luca and Johnny Spaz, when the trio work together with Niko in order to collect a stash of diamonds from the trash. Soon after, the three plan to steal the diamonds and move to Las Venturas in order to start a new life. Niko confronts them in order to retrieve the diamonds for Ray and gets involved in a chase after Johnny tells him they plan to place the blame for the theft on him. After a brief chase, the car Joe and the others were in crashes in Middle Park, leading Joe and Johnny Spaz to their deaths, during a shootout with Niko.

Joe "Tuna" DiLeo is voiced by Pete Pavio.

Isaac Roth[edit]

Isaac Roth is a Diamond dealer and the Hasidic leader of a Jewish mob. Roth deals with "blood diamonds", which are illegal. After a deal in the Libertonian Museum goes awry and the diamonds in question are lost in the fray, Ray Boccino and Isaac blame each other. After Isaac threatens to kill Ray, he sends Niko to the Majestic Hotel to kill Isaac.

Isaac Roth is voiced by Modi Rosenfeld.

Gracie Ancelotti[edit]

Grace "Gracie" Ancelotti is the daughter of Giovanni Ancelotti, boss of the Ancelotti crime family. Gerry McReary orders her kidnapped, in order to bargain with the Ancelottis for money. Niko kidnaps her after responding to a "For Sale" ad she posted online for her pink Feltzer. Before her kidnapping, Gracie shows a liking towards Niko, saying he could "test drive" anything he wants. After Niko test drives her car, during which she seems to actually fancy Niko, he drives her to the safehouse to kidnap her. On the way, she tries to wrestle control of the steering wheel from him and climb out from the car, and is subsequently knocked out by Niko. Niko develops a deep loathing for her during this sequence. This is shown mostly by the fact that he has her bound and gagged throughout most of her appearances and makes her travel in the trunk of his car. After she is returned to her family, she can be encountered outside her home, where she recognizes Niko (though he pretends to not know her) and orders some mobsters to attack him. She can be found on the ingame police database, where she is registered as 31 years of age.

Gracie Ancelotti is voiced by Rebecca Benhayon.

Michael Keane[edit]

"Saint" Michael Keane is an associate of the McReary Crime Family. He is often remarked on as being unintelligent by his cohorts, who accuse him of being inbred. He helps Packie, Gordon and Niko rob the Ancelotti Crime Family at their Warehouse on Colony Island. Later, he helps them rob the Bank of Liberty with Derrick McReary. However, Derrick and Packie argue, providing an opportunity for a hostage to pull out his gun and shoot Michael in the ribs, named Eugene Reaper "The Robbery Hero", killing Michael. Packie laments on his death, wishing he'd been nicer to him. Derrick however assures Packie that Michael adored him and gained fulfilment simply by being accepted by him.

Michael Keane is voiced by Pete O'Connor.

Gordon Sargent[edit]

Gordon Sargent is an associate of the Liberty City's Declining Irish Mob. He robs, along with Packie McReary, Michael Keane and Niko Bellic, the Ancelotti Crime Family's Waste Management Office on Colony Island. Gordon is later assigned to keep watch over the kidnapped Gracie Ancelotti. He is also seen in Team Mafiya Work, who wants to be taken out "whoring".

Gordon Sargent is voiced by David Conley.

Lenny Petrovic[edit]

Leonid "Lenny" Petrovic (Russian: Леонид "Лени" Петрович) is the son of Kenny Petrovic and working for Mikhail Faustin. He first appears in The Peep Hole sex shop when Dimitri and Niko plan to confront the owners about not paying Faustin during which Dimitri shoves him out of his chair, since he was blocking the back room. Shortly after, he is suspected of betraying Faustin and Niko is ordered to kill him, which he does in a car chase. After assassinating Lenny, Dimitri reveals that only by killing Faustin can Niko be spared by Kenny Petrović for killing his son. Lenny Petrovic is voiced by unknown

Frankie Gallo[edit]

Frankie Gallo is the nephew of Phil Bell who is assigned the job of sitting on the Triad's heroin stash while looking out for the feds. After sitting on the drugs for some time, Phil and Niko arrive to pick it up in order to sell it. It turns out, however, that federal agents were watching Frankie the entire time and arrive to arrest the trio which results in a chase. After they abandon their cars a gunfight with the authorities ensues in which Frankie can be killed or saved. After escaping from police, Niko drops off Phil with or without Frankie depending on the occurrence. If he is saved, Phil and Frankie congratulate Niko for his performance but Frankie cared more about his newly wedded wife. If he dies, Phil becomes upset and states that it is just another reason for his sister to hate him. Frankie Gallo is voiced by Alex Anthony.

Ilyena Faustin[edit]

Ilyena Faustin (Russian: Елена Фаустина) is the wife of Mikhail Faustin, and the mother of his daughter Anna. Ilyena has short blonde hair and seems to be in her mid 40's. She is a legal immigrant from Russia, and has a candid talk with Niko. She is shown to be friendly and timid, in contrast to her arrogant and abusive husband. She is often attacked by her husband and yelled at for continuing her Russian customs, such as her use of a Samovar to make tea. Her husband is also revealed to be unfaithful to her, as shown when he casually tells Niko he sleeps with Vlad's sister and when he is flirting with two women in the Perestroika. After Faustin's death she is found at Firefly Island by Niko and tells him about how her life and financial situation has worsened as a result of Faustin's death. She also worries her daughter will become a stripper due to her hanging out with a suspicious man who is always been called Slimeball by "every Russian in this city". Niko, feeling guilty for causing Ilyena problems, goes to beat up the person who keeps harassing her daughter. Before he leaves to accomplish the task she begs him not to kill the man. After he does this, she will call him and tell him that Anna is crying in her room and that she is okay at the moment. If he kills the man, she will call him and angrily remind him that this is the second man in Anna's life he's killed.

Ileyna Faustin is voiced by Marcy Maguigan.

Anna Faustin[edit]

Anna Faustin (Russian: Анна Фаустина) is the daughter of Mikhail and Ilyena Faustin. Anna is a 20-year-old who used to reside in Beachgate, Broker with her parents until her father's death. According to Mikhail, she was born in Russia and raised in America, where she became americanized. Much to her father's disapproval, she was dating a biker named Jason Michaels, a member of The Lost MC. Mikhail had the biker chased down and killed by Niko. Following her father's death, she and her mother had to move into a one-room apartment due to the family-house being repossessed. She dated another man whom Ilyena feared of him that he was trying to turn her into a stripper or even worse. Ilyena ordered Niko to make him leave her. If Niko beats up the man, he will receive a happy call from Ilyena and if he kills him, he will receive an angry call instead and Ilyena will tell him that he is just like Mikhail.

Anna Faustin is voiced by Krystyna Jakubiak.

Jay Hamilton[edit]

Jay Hamilton is the cameraman of Manny Escuela who films him during his quest to clean the streets of criminals. Manny, however, is not impressed with Jay and thinks he is making him look homosexual. He is later killed, along with Manny, by Elizabeta Torres after they confront her about her drug dealings.

Jay was voiced by Daniel G. O'Brien.

Ivan Bytchkov[edit]

Ivan Bytchkov (Russian: Иван Бычков) is a Russian burglar based in Hove Beach. Vlad Glebov orders Niko to execute him by Mikhail Faustin's command. Ivan can be killed or left alive. If left alive, he is later encountered on the streets. Ivan is engaged, lives in Alderney, and has a new job as a "money lender." Niko helps Ivan collect a debt from several thugs who choose not to repay him.

Ivan Bytchkov is voiced by Lev Gorn.

Maureen McReary[edit]

Maureen McReary is the elderly mother of Packie, Gerry, Derrick, Francis and Kate McReary. She is well aware of her sons' criminal activities. If the player kills Derrick, Maureen is devastated that he is dead because he never got to live a successful life. If the player kills Francis, she thinks that he was killed simply because he was a cop. She feels most close to Packie out of all her children, and although he hates being kept under his mother's wing, Packie cares for her deeply.

Maureen McReary is voiced by Doris Belack. She is listed as "Mrs. McReary" in the credits and is, for some unknown reason, listed fifth in the cast (which is unusual, as she doesn't play a very large part in the game).

Hossan Ramzy[edit]

Hossan Ramzy is an Egyptian merchant seaman, Niko Bellic's former shipmate and friend from the Platypus in Grand Theft Auto IV. In the game's introduction, he expresses a desire to "make a go of it" and enter the United States to live the American Dream. In an e-mail, Hossan says that he has jumped ship in Florida, and expects to reside there; eventually, however, he decides to head back north to Liberty City. Niko meets up with Hossan in a random encounter in western Algonquin, where he works as a street vendor selling counterfeit purses and bags. During this encounter, he and Niko pursue and kill a man who refused to pay Hossan for his work due to his status as an immigrant.

Hossan Ramzy is voiced by Sean T. Krishnan.

Tony Prince[edit]

Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince is a nightclub entrepreneur connected with the Ancelotti crime family through Gracie Ancelotti. His personal bodyguard is Luis Fernando López. Tony and Luis are sent to the diamond exchange to bring home Gracie Ancelotti. And he runs two clubs called Maisonette 9 and Hercules, though their locations are not provided in GTA IV.

In Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, as the eponymous name implies, he becomes a radically more developed and central character.

Tony Prince is voiced by David Kenner.

Random encounters characters[edit]

  • Brian Meech is voiced by Justin Reinsilber
  • Real Badman is voiced by Seeborn
  • Mel is voiced by Larry Fleischman
  • Ilyena Faustin is voiced by Marcy Maguigan
  • Hossan Ramzy is voiced by Sean T. Krishnan
  • Sara is voiced by Deborah Yates
  • Pathos is voiced by David S. Shaw
  • Jeff Harlingford is voiced by Harry Chase
  • Cherise Glover is voiced by Ja'Tovia Gary
  • Marnie Allen is voiced by Reyna de Courcy
  • Eddie Low is voiced by Victor Verhaeghe
  • Ivan Bytchkov is voiced by Lev Gorn
  • Clarence Little is voiced by Jerry Clicquot
  • Gracie Ancelotti is voiced by Rebecca Benhayon
  • Dave Grossman is voiced by Jay Patterson
  • Malc is voiced by Walter Mudu
  • Brian Jeremy is voiced by Adrian Martinez
  • Arnaud is voiced by Simon Jutras
  • Margot is voiced by Sarah Clements
  • Daisy Cash-Cooze is voiced by Elizabeth Jasicki

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