Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamako

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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamako is the Metropolitan Archdiocesan See for the Ecclesiastical province which covers all and only Mali, yet depends on the missionary Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

The cathedral archiepiscopal seat of the archbishop is Cathédrale du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in national capital Bamako.


As per 2014, it pastorally served 134,982 Catholics (3.1% of 4,332,101 total) on 85,000 km² in 10 parishes and 1 mission with 31 priests (13 diocesan, 18 religious), 159 lay religious (42 brothers, 117 sisters) and 14 seminarians .


Ecclesiastical province[edit]

The Metropolitan's Suffragan sees are :


(all Roman rite)

Apostolic Prefect?s of Sahara and Sudan
  • (not available)
Apostolic Vicars of Sahara and Sudan (all born in colonial homeland France)
Apostolic Vicars of French Sudan (all born France)
Apostolic Vicars of Bamako (all born France)
  • Emile-Fernand Sauvant, M. Afr. (1921.07.08 – retired 1928.04.06), Titular Bishop of Utica (1921.07.08 – death 1939.12.19)
  • Paul-Marie Molin, M. Afr. (1928.07.02 – retired 1949.01.21), Titular Bishop of Garba (1928.07.02 – death 1967.08.17)
  • Pierre Louis Leclerc, M. Afr. (1949.12.25 – 1955.09.14 see below), Titular Bishop of Sassura (1949.12.25 – 1955.09.14), previously Apostolic Prefect of Gao (Mali) (1947.10.17 – 1949.12.25)
Metropolitan Archbishops of Bamako

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