Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica

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Not to be confused with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston, Canada
Archdiocese of Kingston in Jamaica
Archidioecesis Regiopolitanus in Iamaica
Country  Jamaica
Ecclesiastical province Province of Kingston in Jamaica
Coordinates 18°05′20″N 77°16′56″W / 18.0889°N 77.2821°W / 18.0889; -77.2821Coordinates: 18°05′20″N 77°16′56″W / 18.0889°N 77.2821°W / 18.0889; -77.2821
Area 3,267 km2 (1,261 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
58,400 (4%)
Parishes 31
Schools Campion College, St. George's College, Alpha Academy, St. Catherine High, St. Mary's College, Immaculate Conception High, Marymount High, Holy Childhood High
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Latin Rite
Established 10 January 1837 (180 years ago)
Cathedral Holy Trinity Cathedral
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Metropolitan Archbishop Kenneth Richards (designate)
Emeritus Bishops Charles Dufour
Donald James Reece
Edgerton Clarke
Jamaica - Archdiocese of Kingston.jpg

The Archdiocese of Kingston in Jamaica (Latin: Archidioecesis Regiopolitanus in Iamaica) is an archdiocese of the Roman Rite within the Roman Catholic Church.[1] Its area is the majority of Jamaica, including its capital, Kingston.[1] The ecclesiastical province has three suffragan dioceses: Belize City-Belmopan, Mandeville and Montego Bay, as well as the Mission Sui Iuris of Cayman Islands.[1][2] They and the archdiocese are members of the Antilles Episcopal Conference.[1]


The archdiocese was originally called the Vicariate Apostolic of Jamaica when it was erected in 1837.[1] In 1956, it became Diocese of Kingston and included all of Jamaica.[1] In September 1967, two suffragans were split from the diocese and the diocese was elevated to an archdiocese.[1]

As of 2006, the diocese contains 32 parishes, 30 active diocesan priests, 27 religious priests, and 56,200 Catholics.[2] It also has 174 religious brothers, 113 religious sisters, and 19 permanent deacons.[2] Donald James Reece was the Archbishop between April 12, 2008 and April 15, 2011.[2] He was succeeded by Charles Henry Dufour, former bishop of the Diocese of Montego Bay, who was appointed April 15, 2011.[2]

== Ordinaries ==

  1. Benito Fernández, O.F.M. (1837–1855)
  2. James Eustace Dupeyron, S.J. (1855–1872)
  3. Joseph Sidney Woollett, S.J. (1871–1877)
  4. Thomas Porter, S.J. (1877–1888)
  5. Charles Gordon, S.J. (1889–1906)
  6. John J. Collins, S.J. (1907–1918)
  7. William F. O'Hare, S.J. (1919–1926)
  8. Joseph N. Dinand, S.J. (1927–1930)
  9. Thomas Addis Emmet, S.J. (1930–1949)
  10. John J. McEleney, S.J. (1950–1970)
  11. Samuel Carter, S.J. (1970–1994)
  12. Edgerton Clarke (1994–2004)
  13. Lawrence Aloysius Burke, S.J. (2004–2008)
  14. Donald James Reece (2008–2011)
  15. Charles Dufour (2011–2016)
  16. Kenneth Richards (2017-present)


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