Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madras and Mylapore

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Archdiocese of Madras and Mylapore
Archidioecesis Madraspolitanus et Meliaporensis
சென்னை-மயிலை உயர்மறைமாவட்டம்
St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, The Mother Church of the Archdiocese
Country India
Territory Tamil Nadu
Ecclesiastical province Madras and Mylapore
Area 3,160 km2 (1,220 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
343,103 (4.9%)
Rite Latin Rite
Established 13th November 1952 (Papal Bull, ‘Ex Primaevae Ecclesiae’ by Pope Pius XII)
Cathedral St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Santhome
Co-cathedral St. Mary of the Angels Co-Cathedral, Georgetown
Secular priests 152
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Metropolitan Archbishop George Antonysamy
Emeritus Bishops Malayappan Chinnappa Archbishop Emeritus (2005-2012)

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madras and Mylapore/Madras and Myliapor (Latin: Madraspolitan(us) et Meliaporen(sis)) is an archdiocese based in the city of Madras (now Chennai), in India. It took also the name of the ancient diocese of Mylapore, now a suburb of Chennai.[1]


  • January 9, 1606: erection of the diocese of Mylapore by pope Paul V by agreement with the king of Portugal who received power to appoint bishops and priests and, in a generall way, to look after the evangelization of the area (Padroado system and jurisdiction)
  • 1642: Established as Apostolic Vicariate of Fort Saint George from the Diocese of São Tomé of Meliapore
  • 1832: Renamed as Apostolic Vicariate of Madras
  • September 1, 1886: Promoted as Metropolitan Archdiocese of Madras
  • October 10, 1950: The Padroado system is cancelled. The Diocese of Mylapore comes under the jurisdiction of the 'Propaganda Fide'.
  • November 13, 1952: Mylapore and Madras are merged into the renamed 'Metropolitan Archdiocese of Madras and Mylapore' (Bull Ex primaevae ecclesiae of Pius XII).


  • Archbishops of Madras and Mylapore (Latin Rite)
  • Metropolitan Archbishops of Madras (Latin Rite)
    • Archbishop Louis Mathias, S.D.B. (March 25, 1935 – November 13, 1952)
    • Archbishop Eugène Mederlet, S.D.B. (July 3, 1928 – December 12, 1934)
    • Archbishop Giovanni Aelen, M.H.M. (February 13, 1911 – 1928)
    • Archbishop Joseph Colgan (May 19, 1882 – February 13, 1911)
  • Vicars Apostolic of Madras (Roman Rite)
    • Bishop Stephen Fennelly (1868-1880)
    • Bishop John Fennelly (1841-1868)
    • Bishop Patrick Joseph Carew (1840-1841)
    • Bishop Daniel O’Connor, O.S.A. (1834-1940)

Suffragan dioceses[edit]


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