Roman Catholic Diocese of Baucau

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Diocese of Baucau
Dioecesis Baucanus
Diocese de Baucau
Country East Timor
Metropolitan Immediately Subject to the Holy See
Area 6,842 km2 (2,642 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2012)
351,000 (95.9%)
Parishes 18
Rite Latin Rite
Cathedral Cathedral of St Anthony in Baucau
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Basilio do Nascimento
Location of the Diocese of Baucau
Location of the Diocese of Baucau

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Baucau (Latin: Baucan(us)) is a diocese located in the city of Baucau in Timor-Leste.


  • November 30, 1996: Established as the Diocese of Baucau from the Diocese of Díli


Bishops of Baucau (Roman rite)

  • Bishop Basilio do Nascimento (March 6, 2004 – present)
  • Bishop Basilio do Nascimento (Apostolic Administrator November 30, 1996 – March 6, 2004)

Current Events[edit]

Bishop Basilio do Nascimento launched Radio Fini Lorosae (eastern future radio), the new radio station set up by Baucau diocese, on March 20, 2006 following a Mass held at St. Anthony Cathedral to mark the diocese's ninth anniversary. The station office is located just 100 meters from the cathedral. Baucau Vicar General Father Francisco da Silva and Father Jose Antonio, the cathedral parish priest, concelebrated the anniversary Mass.[1]

On May 19, 2007 President, Alexander Xanana Gusmão awarded the Dom Martinho da Costa Lopes Medal to Father Mario do Carmo Lemos Belo, former vicar general of the Baucau diocese and several deceased Catholic clergy and Religious in recognition of their contributions to the liberation of the country.[2]

In 2009 the government gave US$1.5 million to two dioceses in East Timor — Dili and Baucau, which they are to receive annually “to run social programs for people”. Poverty remains a massive problem since independence in 2002, with about half of the 1 million population unemployed and 45 per cent living on less than US$1 a day.[3]

On 23 June 2016 the blessing and dedication of the new St John de Brito chapel took place in Cairui in Baucau, built with project support from Catholic Mission (Australia).[4]


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