Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary

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Diocese of Calgary
St Marys Cathedral Calgary-Day.jpg
St Mary's Cathedral
Country Canada
Ecclesiastical province Edmonton
Area 110,500 km2 (42,700 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
534,000 (45.5%)
Parishes 68
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Roman Rite
Established 30 November 1912
Cathedral St. Mary's Cathedral
Secular priests 144
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop William McGrattan
Metropolitan Archbishop Richard William Smith
Emeritus Bishops Frederick Henry

The Diocese of Calgary (Latin: Dioecesis Calgariensis) is a Latin suffragan diocese of the Metropolitan of Edmonton.

Its cathedral episcopal see is St. Mary’s Cathedral, Calgary, federal Alberta province. It is currently led by Bishop William McGrattan.[1]


Established on 1912.11.30 as Diocese of Calgary, Latin adjective Calgarien(sis), on territory split off from the Diocese of Saint Albert.

Diocesan ordinaries[edit]

[2](all Roman Rite)

Suffragan Bishops of Calgary

Statistics and extent[edit]

It includes the Calgary Region, all of southern Alberta and the extreme lower half of the Alberta's Rockies region.

As per 2014 it pastorally served 538,000 Catholics (45.5% of 1,183,000 total) on 110,500 km² in 69 parishes with 158 priests (123 diocesan, 35 religious), 50 deacons, 166 lay religious (46 brothers, 120 sisters) and 10 seminarians. [3]

The diocese contains 82+ parishes and missions specifically: 37 parishes in Calgary alone; of which, 10 are ethnic parishes, an additional university parish to serve the University of Calgary and 45+ parishes and missions designated for southern Alberta and the Rockies lower region.

In 2006: 87 diocesan priests, 38 religious priests 427,200 Catholics. 110 women religious, 48 religious brothers and 30 permanent deacons make up the spiritual work force in Calgary not including the other regions.

Calgary city Parishes[edit]

Rural Parishes and Missions[edit]

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