Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Coro

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Archdiocese of Coro
Archidioecesis Corensis
Country  Venezuela
Area 21,760 km2 (8,400 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2006)
458,000 (86.6%)
Rite Latin Rite
Established 12 October 1922 (96 years ago)
Cathedral Catedral Basílica de Santa Ana
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Archbishop Roberto Lückert León
Arquidiócesis de Coro.svg

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Coro (Latin: Archidioecesis Corensis) is a Latin Metropolitan archdiocese in western Venezuela.[1][2]

Its cathedral episcopal see is a Minor Basilica and Minor World Heritage Site: Catedral Basílica de Santa Ana, located in the city of (Santa Ana de) Coro, the capital of Falcón State.

A second Minor Basilica and Minor World Heritage Site is the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de El Carrizal, also in Coro.


Its ecclesiastical province comprises the Metropolitan's own Archdiocese and a single Suffragan bishopric :


On 21 June 1531, the first Diocese of Coro was established by Pope Clement VII, on territory split off from the then Diocese of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. That diocese was suppressed on 20 June 1637 and its territory used to establish the Diocese of Caracas (now Metropolitan).

On 14 August 1867 Pope Pius IX restored it shortly as the Diocese of Coro y Barquisimeto from the suppressed Diocese of Barquisimeto, joining both titles. Coro was once again suppressed as a see and title when the diocese's name and see were changed back to the Diocese of Barquisimeto on 22 October 1869.

The present Diocese of Coro was established by Pope Pius XI on 12 October 1922. On 13 July 1997 it lost territory to establish its suffragan, the Diocese of Punto Fijo.

The diocese was elevated to Metropolitan Archdiocese of Coro on 23 November 23, 1998.[3][4]

Episcopal ordinaries[edit]

(all Roman Rite)

First diocese[edit]

Suffragan Bishops of Coro
(Diocese suppressed 1637)

Current (arch)diocese[edit]

Suffragan Bishop of Coro y Barquisimeto (Coro and Barquisimeto)
  • Victor José Díez Navarrete (1868.06.22 – 1869.10.22), later Bishop of Barquisimeto (Venezuela) (1869.10.22 – death 1893)
Suffragan Bishops of Coro
  • Lucas Guillermo Castillo Hernández † (22 June 1923 – 10 Nov 1939); later Titular Archbishop of Rhizæum (1939.11.10 – 1946.05.13) & Coadjutor Archbishop of Caracas (Venezuela) (1939.11.10 – 1946.05.13), succeeding as Metropolitan Archbishop of Caracas (1946.05.13 – 1955.09.09)
  • Francisco José Iturriza Guillén, Salesians (S.D.B.) † (10 Nov 1939 – retired 20 May 1980)
  • Ramón Ovidio Pérez Morales (20 May 1980 – 23 Dec 1992), also President of Episcopal Conference of Venezuela (1990 – 1996); previously Titular Bishop of Aquæ Albæ in Byzacena (1970.12.02 – 1980.05.20) & Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas (Venezuela) (1970.12.02 – 1980.05.20); later Metropolitan Archbishop of Maracaibo (1992.12.23 – 1999.06.05), Archbishop-Bishop of Los Teques (Venezuela) (1999.06.05 – 2004.12.30)
  • Roberto Lückert León (1993.07.21 – 21 July 1993 see below), previously Bishop of Cabimas (Venezuela) (1985.04.27 – 1993.07.21)
Metropolitan Archbishops of Coro

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