Roman Catholic Diocese of Dunedin

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The Latin Rite Catholic Diocese of Dunedin is a suffragan diocese of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington. It was formed on 26 November 1869 from a portion of the territory in the Diocese of Wellington, before it was elevated to an archdiocese.

Ordinaries of Dunedin[edit]

Tenure Incumbent Life
1869 to 1895 Patrick Moran (1823 to 1895)
1896 to 1918 Michael Verdon (1838 to 1918)
1920 to 1957 James Whyte (1868 to 1957)
1957 to 1985 John Patrick Kavanagh (1913 to 1985)
1985 to 2004 Leonard Anthony Boyle (1930 to 2016)
2004 to 2018 Colin David Campbell (b. 1941)
2018 to present Michael Dooley (b. 1961)

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Current bishops[edit]


St. Joseph's Cathedral, Dunedin

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