Roman Catholic Diocese of Laghouat

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Diocese of Laghouat
Dioecesis Laghuatensis
Diocèse de Laghouat.PNG
Map of the Diocese of Laghouat (Shown in yellow encompassing all of southern Algeria)
Country Algeria
Ecclesiastical province Immediately subject to the Holy See
Metropolitan Laghouat
Area 2,107,708 km2 (813,791 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
1,200 (0.0%)
Rite Roman
Established July 19, 1901 (1901-07-19)
Cathedral Church of Charles de Foucauld (as Pro-Cathedral), in Ghardaïa
Secular priests 11
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Claude Jean Narcisse Rault, M. Afr.
Bishop of Laghouat

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Laghouat (Latin: Dioecesis Laghuatensis) is a Latin Catholic diocese covering the sparsely populated Saharan inland of Algeria.

It is exempt, i.e. immediately subject to the Holy See, not part of any ecclesiastical province.

Its episcopal see is the Pro-Cathedral in Ghardaïa, but it also had a former Cathedral (now secularized): Ex-church of Saint-Hilarion, in the eponymous city of Laghouat.



(all Roman rite; so far all missionaries, notably European members of a Latin congregation, the White Fathers (M. Afr.)

Apostolic Prefects of Ghardaïa
  • Apostolic Administrator Cardinal Charles-Martial Allemand-Lavigerie (1891.03.13 – 1892.11.25), while Metropolitan Archbishop of Algiers (Algeria) (1867.03.27 – 1892.11.25)
  • Fr. Charles Guérin (1901 – death 1910)
  • Fr. Henry Bardou (1911 – death 1916)
  • Fr. Louis David (1916 – death 1919)
  • Fr. Gustave-Jean-Marie Nouet, White Fathers (M. Afr.) (1919.04.08 – 1921.01.10 see below)
Apostolic Prefects of Ghardaïa in the Sahara
  • Fr. Gustave-Jean-Marie Nouet, M. Afr. (see above 1921.01.10 – death 1941)
  • Georges-Louis Mercier, M. Afr. (1941 – 1948.06.10 see below)
Apostolic Vicar of Ghardaïa in the Sahara
  • Georges-Louis Mercier, M. Afr. (see above 1948.06.10 – 1955.09.14 see below), Titular Bishop of Celerina (1948.06.21 – 1955.09.14)
Exempt Bishops of Laghouat

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