Roman Catholic Diocese of Mogadiscio

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Diocese of Mogadiscio

Dioecesis Mogadiscensis
Mogadischu Cathedral.jpg
MetropolitanSubject to the Holy See
Area637,657 km2 (246,201 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2014)
30 (0.0002%)
RiteLatin Rite
CathedralMogadishu Cathedral
Current leadership
BishopGiorgio Bertin (apostolic administrator)
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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Mogadiscio (Latin: Mogadiscen(sis)) is a diocese of the Roman Catholic Church located in the city of Mogadishu, Somalia. The area of the diocese coincides with that of the country. It is the only diocese in Somalia.


In the pre-independence period, British Somaliland was under the care of the Vicariate Apostolic of Arabia, like the Vicariate Apostolic of the Gallas (including French Somaliland as well as its Ethiopian main territory) confided to the Order of Friars Cappuccini. Italian Somaliland was from 1904 the "Prefecture Apostolic of Benadir", and entrusted to the ancient Trinitarian Order. In 1927, it was promoted to Apostolic Vicariate.

  • 1904: Established as Apostolic Prefecture of Benadir
  • 1927: Promoted as Apostolic Vicariate of Mogadiscio
  • 1975: Promoted as Diocese of Mogadiscio


Prefects Apostolic of Benadir[edit]

  1. Alessandro dei Santi, OSST (1905–1924)

Vicars Apostolic of Mogadiscio[edit]

  1. Gabriele Perlo, IMC (22 December 1927 – August 1930)
  2. Francesco Fulgenzio Lazzati, OFM (14 July 1931 – 24 May 1932)
  3. Francesco Venanzio Filippini, OFM (23 May 1933 – 19 October 1970)
  4. Antonio Silvio Zocchetta, OFM (19 October 1970 – 1 January 1973)

Bishops of Mogadiscio[edit]

  1. Salvatore Colombo, OFM (20 November 1975 – 9 July 1989)

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