Roman Catholic Diocese of Rourkela

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Diocese of Rourkela
Dioecesis Rurkelaënsis
राउरकेला के सूबा
Sacred heart church hamirpur rourkela new.jpg
Interior of Sacred Heart Church Hamirpur (New Church), Rourkela
Country India
Ecclesiastical province Cuttack–Bhubaneswar
Metropolitan Cuttack–Bhubaneswar
Area 9,675 km2 (3,736 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2014)
2,48,560 (13.2%)
Rite Latin Rite
Established 4 July 1979
Cathedral Sacred Heart Cathedral, Rourkela
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Kishore Kumar Kujur
Metropolitan Archbishop John Barwa SVD
Emeritus Bishops Alphonse Bilung SVD Bishop Emeritus (1979-2009)

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rourkela (Latin: Rurkelaën(sis)) is a diocese located in the city of Rourkela in the Ecclesiastical province of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar in India.


  • July 4, 1979: Established as Diocese of Rourkela from the Diocese of Sambalpur
  • The Diocese of Rourkela was created by the Papal Bull "cum Cordi" dated July 4, 1979 by taking the entire civil district of Sundargarh from the diocese of Sambalpur in Orissa. At the time of erection of Rourkela, the diocese of Sambalpur, erected in 1951, comprised the four Orissa districts of Sundargarh, Sambalpur, Bolangir and Dhenkanal.

The new diocese of Rourkela is bounded on the north by Archdiocese of Ranchi and on the South by the diocese of Sambalpur to the west and the north-west lies the diocese of Raigarh, while the diocese of Jamshedpur and Balasore lie to the east and South-East.

Jesuit Missionaries began evangelization of this part of the Chotanagpur Mission, Fr Constant Livens (1856–1893) being the most prominent among them. After the Second World War, the Jesuits faced two major problems - personnel and finance. They, therefore, requested the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) who had been working in the neighbouring states of Central India since 1932, to take up the Gangpur Mission in Northern Orissa. The SVDs set their feet in this mission land in 1948. The Late Bishop Herman Westermann, SVD, who had several years of experience in Central India, was ordained the first Bishop of Sambalpur in 1951. During his tenure as well as that of Bishop Raphael Cheenath, SVD (1974–1979), mission work in this ecclesiastical territory progressed in leaps and bounds.

Rt. Rev. Alphonse Billung, S.V.D. was appointed the first Bishop of Rourkela on November 3, 1979. Today the Diocese of Rourkela owes a lot to the relentless zeal and indefatigable labour of these eminent personalities, and their co - Missionaries - Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Lay people, generous benefactors and all well-wishers.


  • Bishops of Rourkela (Latin Rite)
    • Bishop Kishore Kumar Kujur (July 26, 2013 – present)


Statistical Overview

Area: 9675 km2.

Total Population: 18,77,000

Catholics: 2,48,560


Bishop: 1

Retired Bishop: 1

Diocesan Priests :84

Religious Priests: 92

Religious Brother: 212

Religious Sisters: 405

Seminarians: 19


Total Number of Parishes: 42


Ecclesiastical/Formation Centers: 12

Junior Colleges:5

High Schools:5

Middle Schools:1

Primary Schools:151

Vocational Training Centers: 4


Sacred Heart Church Hamirpur (Old Church), Rourkela

There are 42 parishes in the Diocese of Rourkela.

  1. Ambapani Parish, St Joseph Church (Estd:1997)
  2. Barilapta Parish, St Marys Church (1959)
  3. Barsuan Parish, St Thomas Church (1972)
  4. Birmitrapur Parish, St Paul's Church (1950)
  5. Bonaigarh Parish, Prabhu Prakash Church (1985)
  6. Bondamunda Parish, Good Shepherd Church (1968)
  7. Deonapara Parish, St Francis Xavier Church (2003)
  8. Gaibira Parish, St Ignatius Church (1922)
  9. Ghoghea Parish, St John the Baptist Church (1974)
  10. Gomardih Parish, St Marys Church (1968)
  11. Hamirpur Parish, Sacred Heart Cathedral (1918)
  12. Harasmara Parish, St Francis of Assisi Church (1992)
  13. Hemgir Parish, St Francis Xavier Church (1995)
  14. Jhirpani parish, Immaculate Conception Church (2014)
  15. Jhorabahal Parish, Holy Trinity Church(1961)
  16. Jhunmur Parish, St Marys Church (1925)
  17. Jolda Parish, Christ The King Church (1968)
  18. Kahuchuan Parish, St Marys Church (2001)
  19. Kahupani Parish,St Marys Church (1972)
  20. Kalunga Parish,Risen Christ Church (1951)
  21. KansbahalParish,St Joseph The Worker Church (1981)
  22. Kantapali Parish, Holy Family Church (1953)
  23. Kesramal Parish, St Francis Xavier Church (1908)
  24. Kirelega Parish, St Marys Church (1977)
  25. Koira Parish, St Francis Assisi Church (2001)
  26. Kuarmunda Parish, St John Bosco Church (1988)
  27. Kusumdegi Parish, Our Lady Assumed into Heaven (1929)
  28. Nuagaon Parish, All Saints Church (2000)
  29. Pankadih Parish, Catholic Church (1996)
  30. Pandrepali Parish, St. Francis De Sales Church (1993)
  31. Phalsa Parish, St Thomas Church (1961)
  32. Raidih Parish, St Peters Church (1995)
  33. Rajgangpur Parish, St Marys Church (1961)
  34. Salangabahal Parish, St Thomas The Apostle Church (1972)
  35. Saunamara Parish, Jagat Mata Church (1998)
  36. Siabahal Parish, St Vincent Palloti Church (1995)
  37. Sikajor Parish, St Joseph Church (1966)
  38. Singarmunda Parish, St Marys Church (1968)
  39. Sundargarh Parish, St Marys Church (1952)
  40. Tangrain parish, St Francis Xavier Church (2010)
  41. Telendih Parish, St Josephs Church (1957)
  42. Thakurpali Parish, Our Lady of Holy Rosary Church (1979)

Religious Congregation working in the diocese[edit]

Religious Men[edit]

  1. Congregation of Rosarian (CR)
  2. Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (CSSR)
  3. Missionaries of Saint Francis De Sales (MSFS)
  4. Order of Friars Minor Capuchins (OFM Cap)
  5. Society of Mary (SM)
  6. Society of St Francis De Sales (Salesians of Don Bosco) (SDB)
  7. Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottines)(SAC)
  8. Society of the Divine Word (SVD)
  9. Third Order Regular of St. Francis (TOR)

Religious Brothers[edit]

  1. Missionaries of Charity Brothers (MC)
  2. Missionaries of the Poor (MOP)

Religious Sisters[edit]

  1. Apostolic Carmel (AC)
  2. Carmelite Missionaries (CM)
  3. Congregation of Sisters of St Joseph of Chambéry (CSJ)
  4. Daughters of the Cross (FC)
  5. Franciscan Sisters of St Mary of the Angels (FSMA)
  6. Handmaids of Mary (HM)
  7. Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (ACI)
  8. Missionaries of Charity (MC)
  9. Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate (SAC)
  10. Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (SAR)
  11. Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSPS)
  12. Saint Joseph Sevika Sanstha (SJS)
  13. Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross (SCSC)
  14. Sisters of St Joseph of Lyon (SJL)
  15. Sisters of St Joseph of Saint-Marc (SJSM)
  16. Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk (OSU)


Coordinates: 22°16′07″N 84°51′46″E / 22.2687°N 84.8629°E / 22.2687; 84.8629