Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie-Marquette

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie(-Marquette / in Michigan), previously a residential episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, is now a titular see.[1] Its first and most famous occupant was Ven. Irenaeus Frederic Baraga. Its present occupant is the Most Rev. Francis J. Kane, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago.


Established on July 29, 1853, as the Apostolic Vicariate of Upper Michigan, on territory taken from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Detroit, notably the northern part of Michigan, and headquartered in Sault Ste. Marie,[2] with Holy Name of Mary Church in the see city as the cathedral church.[3]

It was elevated on January 9, 1857 as the Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie. On October 23, 1865 it was renamed the Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie-Marquette.

It was formally suppressed on January 3, 1937, its territory being reassigned to erect the Diocese of Marquette, while in fact the see city of the Diocese was transferred to Marquette, [4] to where the incumbent was appointed the first Bishop.

Residential Bishops[edit]

(All Roman Rite)

Apostolic Vicar of Upper Michigan
Suffragan Bishops of Sault Sainte Marie
Suffragan Bishops of Sault Sainte Marie-Marquette
  • Ven. Irenaeus Frederic Baraga (October 23, 1865  – death on January 19, 1868)
  • Ignatius Mrak (September 25, 1868  – retired on April 28, 1879), emeritate as Titular Bishop of Antinœ (April 26, 1881  – death on January 2, 1901)
  • John Vertin (May 16, 1879  – death on February 26, 1899)
  • Frederick Eis (June 7, 1899  – July 8, 1922), emeritate as Titular Bishop of Bida (July 8, 1922  – death on May 5, 1926)
  • Paul Joseph Nussbaum, CP (November 14, 1922  – death on June 24, 1935); previously Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA (April 4, 1913  – March 26, 1920) and Titular Bishop of Gerasa (March 26, 1920  – November 14, 1922)
  • Joseph Casimir Plagens (November 16, 1935  – January 3, 1937); previously Titular Bishop of Rhodiapolis (May 22, 1924  – November 16, 1935) and Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Michigan, USA (May 22, 1924  – November 16, 1935); later first Bishop of the successor diocese of Marquette, Michigan, USA (January 3, 1937  – December 16, 1940), Bishop of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (December 16, 1940  – March 31, 1943)

Titular See[edit]

The Diocese was nominally restored in 1995 as a titular bishopric of the Latin Church sub nomine "Sault Sainte Marie" and in 1996 was renamed "Sault Sainte Marie in Michigan", under which name it has had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting episcopal (lowest) rank:

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