Roman Catholic Diocese of Zárate-Campana

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Diocese of Zárate-Campana

Dioecesis Zaratensis-Campanensis

Diócesis de Zárate-Campana
Ecclesiastical provinceMercedes-Luján
Area5,903 km2 (2,279 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2010)
636,000 (90.9%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteRoman Rite
Established21 April 1976 (48 years ago)
CathedralCathedral of St Florentina in Campana
Co-cathedralCo-Cathedral of the Nativity of the Lord in Belén de Escobar
Patron saintOur Lady of Luján
Saint Joseph
Current leadership
BishopPedro Maria Laxague
Metropolitan ArchbishopJorge Eduardo Scheinig
Bishops emeritusRafael Eleuterio Rey, Oscar Sarlinga
Website of the Diocese

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Zárate-Campana (Latin: Dioecesis Zaratensis-Campanensis) is a Latin rite suffragan diocese in the ecclesiastical province of the Archdiocese of Mercedes-Luján, in central Argentina on the Atlantic coast, having had a change of metropolitan from La Plata in 2019.

Its cathedral episcopal see is Catedral Santa Florentina, dedicated to Saint Florentina, in Campana, and it also has a co-cathedral: Cocatedral Natividad del Señor, dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lord, in Belén de Escobar, also in Buenos Aires Province.


It was created by Pope Paul VI on 21 April 1976, by the Papal Bulla "Qui consilio divino" as Diocese of Zárate–Campana / Zaraten(sis)–Campanen(sis) (Latin adjective), on territories split off from the Diocese of San Isidro and from the Diocese of San Nicolás de los Arroyos. The first bishop, Claretian Mgr. Alfredo Mario Espósito Castro, chosen by Paul VI on 21 April 1976, received his episcopal consecration and took possession of the see on 4 July 1976.

Extent and statistics[edit]

As of 2014, it pastorally served 660,000 Catholics (90.7% of 728,000 total) on 5,924 km² in 33 parishes and 89 missions with 88 priests (53 diocesan, 35 religious), 13 deacons, 178 lay religious (88 brothers, 90 sisters) and 27 seminarians.

It includes the cities of Campana (credited in its title), (Belén de) Escobar, Zarate, Baradero, Pilar, Exaltación de la Cruz and San Antonio de Areco, all in the northern part of Greater Buenos Aires.


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