Catholic Church in Antigua and Barbuda

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The Catholic Church in Antigua and Barbuda is part of the worldwide Catholic Church in communion with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Territorial organization[edit]

The only ecclesiastical jurisdiction in this island state is the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint John's - Basseterre, suffragan of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Castries. The Catholic population is about 10,000 people out of a total of 80,000 inhabitants. The bishops of Antigua and Barbuda are part of the Antilles Episcopal Conference.

Apostolic Nunciature[edit]

The Apostolic Nuncio of Antigua and Barbuda was established on December 15, 1986 with the Papal brief Ut publica et Ecclesiae of Pope John Paul II.


  • Manuel Monteiro de Castro (25 April 1987 - 21 August 1991 appointed apostolic nuncio in El Salvador)
  • Eugenio Sbarbaro (7 February 1991 - 26 April 2000 appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Emil Paul Tscherrig (20 January 2001 - 22 May 2004 appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Korea)
  • Thomas Edward Gullickson (20 December 2004 - 21 May 2011 appointed Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine)
  • Nicola Girasoli, from 29 October 2011

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