Catholic Church in the Falkland Islands

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St. Mary's Catholic Church

There are over 230 Catholics in the Falkland Islands, approximately 10% of the total population. There are no dioceses in the islands, instead they form an apostolic prefecture which was erected in January 1952. It is immediately subject to the Holy See and separate from any Argentine or UK dioceses.[1] The spiritual leader of the prefecture is Father Hugh Allan who was appointed in 2016.[2]

The Eucharist is celebrated at RAF Mount Pleasant.[3]

St Mary's Catholic Church[edit]

St Mary's Catholic Church in Ross Road in Stanley is the sole Catholic Church on the Falkland Islands. It was blessed in 1899. On the west wall is a "pictorial history" of the Catholic Church in the Falkland Islands; it was illustrated by the local artist James Peck.

Religious affiliation[edit]

Christianity Unknown Non-Religious
67.2%[4] 1.3% 31.5%


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