Roman Forum (Mérida)

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Roman Forum
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Le Temple de Diane.jpg
The Temple of Diana.
LocationMérida, Extremadura, Spain
Part ofArchaeological Ensemble of Mérida
CriteriaCultural: (iii)(iv)
Inscription1993 (17th Session)
Coordinates38°55′01″N 6°20′35.3″W / 38.91694°N 6.343139°W / 38.91694; -6.343139Coordinates: 38°55′01″N 6°20′35.3″W / 38.91694°N 6.343139°W / 38.91694; -6.343139
Roman Forum (Mérida) is located in Extremadura
Roman Forum (Mérida)
Location of Roman Forum in Extremadura
Roman Forum (Mérida) is located in Spain
Roman Forum (Mérida)
Roman Forum (Mérida) (Spain)

The Roman Forum is an archaeological area in Mérida, Spain. It was the main public area of the Roman city of Emerita Augusta, founded in 25 BC by Emperor Augustus. The city had another forum, the Provincial Forum, built in 50 AD. Together with the other archaeological sites of the city, it was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993. Mérida, or Emerita Augusta in Latin, was once the capital of the Lusitania imperial province that included most of Portugal as well as the western central portion of Spain. It contains many common places found in a Roman city: buildings such as theaters, temples, forums, and arenas. Mérida’s ruins are mostly still intact, despite the passage of time of approximately 2,000 years. Mérida preserves more important ancient Roman monuments than any other city in Spain


  • Temple of Diana. Despite its name, wrongly assigned in its discovery, the building was dedicated to the Imperial cult. Erected during Augustus' reign with local granite, later it was partly re-used for the palace of the Count of Corbos.
  • Temple of Mars
  • Los Milagros Aqueduct
  • Amphitheater
  • Arch of Trajan
  • Portico, built in the 1st century AD
  • Basilica, facing the Temple of Diana
  • Baths
  • National Museum of Roman Art. Near both the theater and the amphitheater, it houses statues, mosaics, coins, and inscriptions that have been found from excavations done in town.


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