Roman Hontyuk

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Roman Hontyuk
Personal information
Born (1984-02-02) February 2, 1984 (age 35)

Roman Volodymyrovych Hontyuk (Ukrainian: Роман Володимирович Гонтюк), also spelled Roman Gontyuk, (born 2 February 1984) is a male judoka from Ukraine. He won a silver medal in the half-middleweight (81 kg) division at the 2004 Summer Olympics and bronze medal in the half-middleweight (81 kg) division at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.[1] Hontyuk is the Merited Master of Sports of Ukraine.

Olympic Journey at Athens 2004[edit]

Hontyuk's Olympic debut started with his match against Adil Belgaid of Morocco, which Hontyuk won. Making his way through the competition, he defeated Reza Chahkhandagh of Iran and world champion Florian Wanner. In the semifinals against Robert Krawczyk of Poland, Roman won by ippon with only 5 seconds left in the match and headed to the final. In the gold medal match against Ilias Iliadis, Ilias defeated Roman by ippon, leaving Hontyuk with the silver medal.


Year Tournament Place Weight class
2008 2008 Summer Olympics 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2008 World Cup Vienna 5th Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2008 Super World Cup Tournoi de Paris 1st Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2007 Grand Prix Yerevan 1st Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2007 World Cup Baku 1st Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2007 Super World Cup Rotterdam 5th Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2007 2007 World Judo Championships 39th Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2006 European Club Cup final Budapest 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2006 World Cup Boras 1st Middleweight(90 kg)
2005 2005 World Judo Championships 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2004 World University Championships Moscow 3rd Middleweight(90 kg)
2004 2004 Summer Olympics 2nd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2004 A-Tournament Tbilisi 2nd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2004 A-Tournament Budapest 2nd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2003 European Team Championships London 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2003 A-Tournament Warsaw 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2003 Super A-Tournament Moscow 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2002 European Junior Championships Rotterdam 1st Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2002 World Junior Championships U20 Jeju Island Korea 2nd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2001 European U20 Championships Budapest 1st Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2001 A-Tournament U20 Cetniewo 2nd Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2001 A-Tournament Minsk 5th Half-middleweight (81 kg)
2000 European Championships Cadets U17 Oradea 3rd Half-middleweight (81 kg)


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