Roman Holliday

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Roman Holliday
GenresPop, swing, new wave
Years active1980–1985
LabelsJive Records
WebsiteOfficial website
Past membersSteve Lambert
Brian Bonhomme
Simon Cohen
Adrian York
Jon Durno
John Eacott
Rob Lambert

Roman Holliday was a 1980s British band. Its music style comprised a mixture of swing and pop. They are best known in the UK for their hit single, "Don't Try to Stop It", which reached number 14 in the UK Singles Chart in the summer of 1983.[1] A follow-up, "Motormania", peaked at number 40.[1]


The band was established in November 1980[2] by Brian Bonhomme, Steve Lambert, Simon Cohen and Peter Noone (the latter who left shortly after the band's formation). Later on, Rob Lambert and Jon Durno joined, followed by Soho Square busker, John Eacott. At the end of 1982, Adrian York joined the band as a piano player. Tony Wallman was in the band briefly (before it became successful).[3] After John Peel saw the band at the Jive Dive swing club in London, they recorded two sessions for his show. Mick Jones, then of The Clash, also saw them and invited them to support his band, which lead to a signing to Jive Records[4]. "Don’t Try To Stop It" was their second single for Jive and became a hit in summer, 1983. The follow-up Motor Mania failed to achieve the same success and the parent album Cookin' On The Roof, released in late 1983, achieved only modest success.[5] In 1984, both brass men, Rob Lambert and John Eacott left the band.

In the United States, the group achieved exposure through MTV, which aired their "Stand By" video. The single went to number one on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart in November 1983. Roman Holliday also charted in Japan on the international, as well as the domestic market, with "Hear It in the Night"; and the Robert John "Mutt" Lange written and produced track, "One Foot Back in Your Door". Both singles went Top 10.

Bonhomme is currently employed at Youngstown State University. He is a professor of Russian history, and teaches a number of courses in modern European history and environmental history.

Band members[edit]

Roman Holliday was mainly composed of:



  • Roman Holliday (1983) Jive / Arista / Sony / BMG - U.S. Billboard 200 No. 142
  • Cookin' on the Roof (1983) Jive / Arista / Sony / BMG - UK No. 31; U.S. Billboard 200 No. 116
  • Fire Me Up (1984) Jive / Arista / Sony / BMG - U.S. Billboard 200 No. 201

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Japanese albums[edit]

  • ローマの休日/Cookin' on the Roof (CBS Sony)
  • 涙のラストクルーズ/Fire Me Up (CBS Sony)
  • ティーチャーズ/TEACHERS - original soundtrack from the motion picture Aaron Russo production One Foot Back in Your Door

Japanese singles[edit]

  • "スタンバイ/Stand By"
  • "俺らはハリキリボーイ/Don't Try to Stop It"
  • "恋のモーターマニア/Motormania"
  • "涙のラストクルーズ/Hear It in the Night"
  • "ワン•フット•バック/One Foot Back in Your Door"

DVD & LaserDisk[edit]

  • Live in Tokyo 1985 <厚生年金大ホール/Koseinenkin Big Hall>

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