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Roman Konoplev
Roman Konoplev 2011.jpg
Roman Konoplev in 2014
Born Roman Yevgenyevich Konoplev
(1973-09-04) September 4, 1973 (age 43)
Pochep, Bryansk Oblast, Russian SFSR
Occupation publicist, writer
Nationality Russian
Citizenship Soviet (1973–1991)
Russian (1992 – present)
Genre Novel, political essay
Spouse Dina Konopleva

Roman Yevgenyevich Konoplev (Russian: Ромáн Евгéньевич Коноплёв) is a Russian political and public figure, publicist, writer.


Roman Konoplev was born on 4 September 1973 in Bryansk Oblast, Russian SFSR. In 1978 Roman and his parents moved to the town of Dnestrovsc, Moldavian SSR. In October 1992 he moved to Russia. In the summer of 2002 Konoplev returned to Transnistria.

Roman Konoplev graduated from the International Institute of Economics and Law – "political science" branch of juridical faculty (1993-1996), and from Bryansk State Technical University – computer software faculty (2003).

Roman Konoplev. Tiraspol. 9.10.2007

His career as a publicist started at the age of 16 (his first publication was in the newspaper "Power engineer"). In 1998 – 2002 his publications appeared in the Russian opposition press. Roman Konoplev was the chief editor of Internet portal "Transnistria: National politics" from July 2002 till July 2005. From July 2002 till December 2006, he was the head of the department of politics of the Transnistrian weekly "Transnistrian Courier". Roman Konoplev’s publications have appeared in the leading Russian analytical Internet portals "APN", "Russian Journal", etc. He is the author of Transnistrian information agency "Lenta PMR". He was the chief editor of "Lenta PMR" from July 2004 to Match 2008, chief editor of Transnistrian newspaper "Russian Proriv" January 2007 to Match 2008 and chief editor of the regional information agency "DNIESTER" from July 2009 to December 2016.

Most of Roman Konoplev’s publications touch upon Transnistrian conflict problematics, social and political problems of Russia and foreign countries, Transnistrian democratic statehood becoming an inter-ethnic dialogue in Black Sea Region. From February till September 2006 he travelled in Scandinavia. Hid sketch book "Norwegian papers", first published in Russia, was later reprinted by several foreign media.

From 2002 Roman Konoplev was mostly occupied by the problematics of moldo-Transnistrian conflict, the expert of several analytical centers.


Roman Konoplev is the author of novels "The Gospel according to extremist", "Dromomania" and "Defeat".

Private life[edit]



Hobbies and interests[edit]

His interests focus on such fields as: geopolitics, Russian national idea, constitutional law, political and religious extremism and ethno-politics.


Roman Konoplev is the author of more than 400 journalistic and op-ed pieces.


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