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Roman Miroshnichenko
Roman Miroshnichenko guitarist.jpg
Roman Miroshnicheko
Background information
Native name
Роман Мирошниченко
Born (1977-06-04) June 4, 1977 (age 41)
Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
GenresJazz fusion, world fusion, Latin jazz
Occupation(s)Musician, composer, record producer
Years active1994–present
Labels7Jazz, Melodiya
Associated actsLarry Coryell, Steve Vai

Roman Maksimovich Miroshnichenko Russian: Роман Максимович Мирошниченко) (born June 4, 1977) is a Ukrainian-born Russian jazz fusion guitarist, composer, and record producer.

Early life[edit]

Roman Miroshnichenko was born on June 4, 1977, in Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukrainian SSR, USSR. His father, Maxim, is an arranger, band leader, and saxophone player. Roman Miroshnichenko started playing guitar in his early teens. He was a member of his father's big band from 1994 to 1999. He studied engineering at Dnipropetrovsk University in the Soviet Union, and then studied jazz guitar at the Moscow State University of Culture.[1][2]


Roman Miroshnichenko was heavily influenced by John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia, Larry Coryell and Al Di Meola. In 2002, he founded his own band, RMProject, and has been touring in Russia, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

He has worked with musicians such as Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, Marco Mendoza, Jennifer Batten, Heather Headley, and Djivan Gasparyan during his career.[3] Formerly, he played in a duo with fusion guitarist Larry Coryell.[4]

In 2009, Roman Miroshnicheko has released his solo album "Temptation," featuring Daniel Figueiredo, Frank Colon, Clive Stevens, and Henrik Andersen, amongst others. The album's single "Unforgiven" won both the standard and People's Choice popular-vote judging at the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards, in the song category "World Traditional." The album itself was nominated at the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards, in the category "World Beat."[5][6]

In 2013, Roman Miroshnichenko won first prize at the 18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition.[7] War & Peace, The Opera was presented at the World Of Guitar Festival in Russia in 2015; it was written by Larry Coryell, featuring The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra with the Roman Miroshnichenko jazz trio and the Slovenian Academy of Music (Ljubljana) vocal octet.[8]

In April 2013, Hal Leonard Books (one of the biggest US publishing houses) released “The Great Jazz Guitarists” encyclopedia, the most comprehensive guide to jazz guitarists ever published (from Django Reinhardt to Les Paul, Jeff Beck and beyond) with information about Roman Miroshnichenko.[9]

In 2015, Roman Miroshnichenko formed the World of Guitar Trio with Henrik Andersen and José Antonio Rodríguez. Their album Perfect Strangers won the "Best Instrumental Album" award at the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards. "Moon over Tanjore," a song from the album, won the award for Best World Traditional Song, while Miroshnichenko's "Alien's Dream" was nominated for Best Instrumental Song.[10]

Roman Miroshnichenko is an international projects director of the annual World of Guitar festival, held in Kaluga, Russia.[11] In May 2017, at the festival's opening, Larry Coryell's last opera, based on Leo Tolstoy's novel Anna Karenina, was presented, featuring the Moscow Symphony along with Miroshnichenko, Serbian classical guitarist Nenad Stephanovich, and Slovenian opera soloists. The world premiere was dedicated to Coryell, the "godfather of fusion," who died in New York in February of that year. The opera was completed by Miroshnichenko and Stephanovich after the death of Coryell.[12]

In 2017, Roman Miroshnichenko joined the judging panel of the 16th Annual Independent Music Awards program, along with Tom Waits, Slayer, Sepultura, and others.[13]

In late 2017, Roman Miroshnichenko released a new album, "Ascension," featuring Grammy-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat, Argentinian pianist Mario Parmisano, renown United States musicians percussionist Luis Alicea and keyboardist Aron Ferre, Danish virtuoso guitarist Henrik Andersen, and world-class percussionist Gumbi Ortiz.[14] The album has earned a nomination in the “Best Instrumental Album” category at the 16th Annual Independent Music Awards.[15] Two compositions from "Ascension" made Finalists of The UK Songwriting Contest and USA Songwriting Competition as well.

In May 2018 he toured with the ex-guitarist for Michael Jackson - band member of all three of his world tours - Jennifer Batten. In late 2018, Roman Miroshnichenko joined the judging panel of the 17th Annual Independent Music Awards program, along with Tom Waits, Robert Smith, Paquito D'Rivera, Lee Ann Womack, Todd Rundgren, and others.

Roman Miroshnichenko owns custom guitars made for him by Paul Reed Smith, Abraham Wechter,[16] and Ovation Guitar Company.[17]

Awards and honors[edit]

Year Contest Category Nominated work Result
2010 Independent Music Awards Best World Traditional Song "Unforgiven" Won[18]
Independent Music Awards People VOX POP Choice "Unforgiven" Won[19]
2011 Independent Music Awards Best World Beat Album "Temptation" Nominated[20]
2012 International Songwriting Competition Jazz "Eastern Etude" Semi-finalist
2013 USA Songwriting Competition Instrumental "Desperation" Won[21]
2014 International Acoustic Music Awards Instrumental "Forgotten Melody" Finalist[22]
2014 International Songwriting Competition World Music "Open Heart" Semi-finalist[23]
2014 International Songwriting Competition Instrumental "Forgotten Melody" Won, Honorable Mention Award[24]
2015 International Songwriting Competition Instrumental "Alien's Dream" Semi-finalist[25]
2016 UK Songwriting Contest Instrumental "Alien's Dream" Semi-finalist
2016 UK Songwriting Contest Instrumental "Desperation" Finalist[26]
2016 Independent Music Awards Best Instrumental Album "Perfect Strangers" Won[27]
2016 Independent Music Awards Best Instrumental Song "Moon Over Tanjore" Won[28]
2016 Independent Music Awards Best World Traditional Song "Alien's Dream" Nominated[29]
2016 International Songwriting Competition Instrumental "Adios Amigo" Semi-finalist[30]
2017 USA Songwriting Competition Instrumental "Bootman Badroomba" Finalist[31]
2017 UK Songwriting Contest Instrumental "Adios Amigo" Finalist[32]
2017 International Songwriting Competition Instrumental "Ups and Downs" Semi-finalist[33]
2017 International Songwriting Competition Jazz "Ascension" Semi-finalist[34]
2018 Independent Music Awards Best Instrumental Album "Ascension" Nominated[35]
2018 UK Songwriting Contest Instrumental "Song For Godfather Of Fusion" Finalist[36]
2018 USA Songwriting Competition Jazz "Ascension" Finalist[37]


  • The Infinity (2005)
  • Live in Jazz Town, (2007)
  • Together (2007)
  • Temptation, (2009)[38]
  • Quasipsychedelic, (2011)[39]
  • Surreal, (2013)[40]
  • Perfect Strangers, World of Guitar Trio (2015)[41]
  • Ascension, (2017)


  • 2004 – TV–serial Kamenskaya III, record of guitar tracks
  • 2005 – TV–serial Tourists, record of guitar tracks
  • 2007 – Russian Game movie, record of guitar tracks
  • 2008 – Neproshenye, soundtrack co–author and guitarist
  • 2010 – Ribeirao do tempo, Brazilian soap opera, record of guitar tracks
  • 2010 – Tides to and From. Cartoon by Ivan Maksimov, record of guitar tracks This film is a participant of the Generation Kplus Programme at the 61st Berlinale Film Festival Competition and special prize winner at XVIII International Festival Competition of animation films, Krok, 2011
  • 2011 – "Canto de Pilon". Music video guest


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