Roman Provincial Forum (Mérida)

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Trajan's Arch, Concordia Temple
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Merida Arco de Trajano.JPG
Trajan's Arch
LocationMérida, Extremadura, Spain
Part ofArchaeological Ensemble of Mérida
CriteriaCultural: (iii)(iv)
Inscription1993 (17th Session)
Area0.7827 ha (1.934 acres)
Buffer zone20.87 ha (51.6 acres)
Coordinates38°55′9.85″N 6°20′42.82″W / 38.9194028°N 6.3452278°W / 38.9194028; -6.3452278Coordinates: 38°55′9.85″N 6°20′42.82″W / 38.9194028°N 6.3452278°W / 38.9194028; -6.3452278
Roman Provincial Forum (Mérida) is located in Extremadura
Roman Provincial Forum (Mérida)
Location of Roman Provincial Forum in Extremadura
Roman Provincial Forum (Mérida) is located in Spain
Roman Provincial Forum (Mérida)
Roman Provincial Forum (Mérida) (Spain)

The Roman Provincial Forum is an archaeological area in Mérida, Spain, built in the 1st century AD. It was a public area of the Roman city of Emerita Augusta, founded in 25 BC. The title of "provincial" came from the city's role as the capital of the province of Lusitania. Together with the Roman Forum and other Roman edifices in the city, it was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

The temple received a massive marble decoration during the reign of emperor Claudius.


The Forum consisted of a large square sided by a monumental portico, with a large temple in the middle, which was accessed through the Arch of Trajan.

Edifices included:

  • triumphal Arch of Tiberio, situated at the end of the cardo maximum (the main road of Emerita Augusta). Built in granite, it is 13.97 m. It was originally covered with marble.
  • a temple built under the reign of Tiberius

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