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Roman Schatz at the Helsinki Book Fair 2017

Roman Schatz (born 21 August 1960 in Überlingen, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany) is a German-born Finnish journalist and author. He has written more than two dozen books, many of which also have been published in Germany. His first book was called From Finland with love – Suomesta rakkaudella.

Schatz translates, gives talks, hosts events and writes columns for Finnish newspapers and magazines. He has hosted his own TV-series (Toisten TV) and appeared on various other TV shows and in movies (e.g. The Border, Better than Andy, Rottatouille). Since 2013 Schatz hosts his own radio show Roman Schatzin Maamme-kirja on Yle Radio 1 Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Roman Schatz met his Finnish girlfriend, who later became his first wife, in Berlin in 1986. Later the same year he emigrated to Finland. In 2012 Schatz was naturalized Finnish citizen and thus holds dual citizenship.

Schatz has three children from two former marriages. He resides in Helsinki.

Selected works[edit]

  • Schmid, Max & Schatz, Roman: Finnland (Luzern: Reich, 1993) – ISBN 3-7243-0295-9
  • From Finland with love – Suomesta, rakkaudella (Helsinki: Johnny Kniga, 2005) - ISBN 951-0-30415-8
  • Rakasta minut (Helsinki: WSOY, 2006) - ISBN 978-951-0-31763-1
  • (Helsinki: WSOY, 2007) - ISBN 978-951-0-33024-1
  • Der König von Helsinki (Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 2007) - ISBN 978-3-8218-5836-4
  • Pravda. The truth about the Leningrad Cowboys (Helsinki: WSOY, 2008) - ISBN 978-951-0-34595-5
  • Telewischn! (Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 2009) - ISBN 978-3-8218-5838-8
  • Berliini. Oppaana Roman Schatz (Helsinki: WSOY, 2012) - ISBN 978-951-0-38307-0
  • Voi maamme Suomi / Finland, what a country (Helsinki: WSOY, 2014) - ISBN 978-951-0-40527-7
  • Gebrauchsanweisung für Finnland (München: Piper, 2014) - ISBN 978-3-492-27581-1
  • Asevelipuolet (Helsinki: Gummerus, 2017) - ISBN 978-951-24-0653-1

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