Roman Stolyar

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Roman Stolyar
Background information
Birth nameRoman Solomonovich Stolyar
Born (1967-12-06) December 6, 1967 (age 55)
OriginNovosibirsk, Russia
GenresFree improvisation, Jazz, Free jazz, Art music
Occupation(s)Composer, improviser
Instrument(s)Piano, keyboards, flutes

Roman Stolyar (born December 6, 1967) is a Russian composer, piano improviser and educator.


Born in Novosibirsk, Siberia, in a family of engineers, Stolyar graduated from Novosibirsk College of Music as a jazz pianist and from Novosibirsk State Concervatoire as a composer of contemporary and electronic music.

As an improviser, he has collaborated with Dominic Duval, William Parker, Vinny Golia, Stephen Nachmanovitch, Marco Eneidi, Weasel Walter, Susan Allen,[1][2] Tanya Kalmanovitch, Oliver Lake, Assif Tsahar, Glen Hall, Thomas Buckner,[3] Martin Kuchen, Ed Sarath, Jin Hi Kim, Ilia Belorukov,[4] Sergey Letov and others.

His music has been released on labels Cadence Jazz, Electroshock Records,[5] SoLyd, Ayler Records,[6] NewFolder2, and Ermatell Records.[7]

He is currently employed as an educator at Novosibirsk College of Music, and music director of Novosibirsk State Theatre "Globe". He is a member of the Russian Composers Union and member of the Advisory Council of International Society for Improvised Music.[8]

His book Modern Improvisation: A Practical Guide for Piano was published in Russia in 2010.[9]


  • Roman Stolyar - SAVJEST, TO FOLLOW (2022, Bomba Piter)
  • Roman Stolyar, Andrey Razin - BALLET SCENES FOR TWO PIANOS (2021, Bomba Piter)
  • Michaela Steinhauer, Alexey Kruglov, Roman Stolyar - CHANGES & CHOICES (2021, independent release)
  • Hung Mung & Roman Stolyar - ADVERCITY YIELDS FLAIR (2020, Discordian Records)
  • Nick Rubanov, Alexander Ragazanov, Roman Stolyar - RURARO (2020, Bomba Piter)
  • Raphael Sudan, Roman Stolyar - RESTLESS (2017, Ermatell)
  • Michaela Steinhauer, Alexey Kruglov, Roman Stolyar – TALKS AROUND MIDNIGHT (2016, Fancy Music)
  • VocColors Quartet, Alexey Kruglov, Roman Stolyar, Andrey Razin, Oleg Yudanov – RUSSIAN AFFAIRS (2016, ArtBeat)
  • Roman Stolyar, Alexye Nadzharov, Alexei Chichilin – NACHISTO ( 2016, Creative Sources)
  • Roman Stolyar - THE BOSTON CASE (2014, FancyMusic)
  • Glen Hall, Roman Stolyar, Vladimir Luchansky, Vladimir Dranitsa, Sergey Belichenko - LIVE IN SIBERIA (2014, Tarsier Records)
  • Alexey Kruglov, Roman Stolyar, Vladimir Dranitsa, Sergey Belichenko - STRUCTURE #54 (2014, FancyMusic)
  • Roman Stolyar, Vladimir Luchansky - DUETS (2013, FancyMusic)
  • Roman Stolyar, Ed Sarath - AMAZING BLUE (2012, Ermatell)
  • Roman Stolyar, Susan Allen — TOGETHER (2011, independent release)
  • Roman Stolyar, Dominic DuvalPARK WEST SUITE (2011, Cadence Jazz)
  • Roman Stolyar, Alexey Lapin — DOUBLE SONATA (2011, SoLyd)
  • Sergey Mikhaylenko & XYZ Quartet — TRUMP CARD (2011, Ermatell/Jazzosophia)
  • Lenny Sendersky, Roman Stolyar — EXTREME POINTS (2010, NewFolder2)
  • Roman Stolyar — MISSA APOCRYPH (2010, Electroshock)
  • Ilia Belorukov, Roman Stolyar, Andrey Popovsky, Alexander Funtikov — DOTS & LINES (2007, Ermatell)
  • New Generation Quartet — DANCES (2007, Ayler)
  • Susan Allen, Roman Stolyar, Sergey Belichenko — TRIALOG (2005, Ermatell)
  • Roman Stolyar — STRAIGHT AND STRANGE (2003, Ermatell)
  • Roman Stolyar — CREDO (2003, Electroshock)
  • Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference — SOUND SCAPES (2002, Ermatell)
  • New Generation Quartet — JOURNAL OF JAZZ IMMUNOLOGY (1996, Ermatell)


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