Roman Theatre at Bosra

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Roman Theatre at Bosra
المسرح الروماني ببصرى
Syria bosra theater.jpg
The Roman Theatre at Bosra
Roman Theatre at Bosra is located in Syria
Roman Theatre at Bosra
Shown within Syria
Location Bosra, Syria
Coordinates 32°31′01″N 36°28′52″E / 32.517°N 36.481°E / 32.517; 36.481
Type Roman theatre
Part of Bosra
Width 102 metres (335 ft)
Cultures Roman
Site notes
Excavation dates 1947–1970
Condition restored
Ownership Public
Public access Yes

The Roman Theatre at Bosra (Arabic: المسرح الروماني ببصرى‎‎) is a large Ancient Roman theatre in Bosra, in the district of Dar'a in south-western Syria.[1]:143 It was built in either the second quarter[2]:53 or the second half of the second century AD,[1]:143 and is constructed of black basalt. It was built outside the walls of the town, but was later completely enclosed by an Ayyūbid fortress.[1]:141

The theatre is 102 metres across and has seating for about 15,000 people; it is thus among the largest of the Ancient Roman civilisation. It is also one of the best preserved both in Syria and across the Roman empire. It was substantially restored between 1947 and 1970, before which it contained large quantities of sand, which may have helped to protect the interior.[1]:141

 panoramic view of the theatre
 stage of the theatre


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the build date is 1421-1427