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Romance (from Vulgar Latin rōmānicē "in the Roman language", i.e. "Latin") may refer to:

Modern literature[edit]

  • Gaslight romance, another name for gaslamp fantasy, featuring fantasy set at a time of approximately 19th technology
  • Planetary romance, a genre of science fiction consisting of adventure tales on exotic planets
  • Scientific romance, an archaic term for the genre of fiction now commonly known as science fiction
  • Romance novel, a genre of novel that focuses on romantic love
    • Romance film, a genre of film of which the central plot focuses on the romantic relationships of the protagonists
  • Shakespeare's late romances, the later plays of Shakespeare that mix tragic and comedic elements


Titles and proper names[edit]






  • "Romance", a pop waltz written by Gordon Lightfoot and released on his 1983 album Salute
  • "Romance", a track on the album Light & Shade by Mike Oldfield
  • "Romance", a song by R.E.M. originally released on the soundtrack of the 1987 film Made in Heaven
  • "Romance", a song from the musical The Desert Song


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