Three Kingdoms (manhua)

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Three Kingdoms
Sanguozhi LeeChiching.jpg
Cover of Volume 1
(Sān Guó Zhì)
Author Lee Chi Ching, Yū Terashima
Illustrator Lee Chi Ching
Publisher Culturecom Limited

Original run 1991 – 1999
Volumes 14

Three Kingdoms (simplified Chinese: 三国志; traditional Chinese: 三國志; pinyin: Sān Guó Zhì), also known as Sangokushi in Japanese, is a Hong Kong manhua based on Yū Terashima's novel Sangokushi Meigentan, which is loosely adapted from Records of the Three Kingdoms and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The manhua was illustrated by Lee Chi Ching and was released in 14 volumes between 1991 and 1999 by Culturecom Limited. It was also the first Hong Kong manhua to be published in cooperation with Japanese publishers.

Three Kingdoms was followed by a sequel, Three Kingdoms: The Last Chapter (simplified Chinese: 三国志完结篇; traditional Chinese: 三國志完結編; pinyin: Sān Guó Zhì Wán Jié Piān), also known as Sangokushi: Kanketsuhen in Japanese.