Romance of the Western Chamber (film)

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Romance of the Western Chamber
Romance of the Western Chamber poster.jpg
1927 Chinese movie poster
Directed by Hou Yao
Written by Hou Yao
Wang Shifu
Cinematography Liang Linguang
Lai Man-Wai
Release date
8 September 1927 (Hangzhou Theater, China)[1]
2007 (USA)
Running time
42 min. (orig.)
45 min. (2007 DVD release)
Country China
Language Silent film
Written Chinese and French intertitles
Scene from the film.

Romance of the Western Chamber (Chinese: 西廂記; pinyin: xīxiāngjì) is a 1927 silent Chinese film drama directed by Hou Yao.

The film is an adaption of the classic Chinese dramatic work Romance of the West Chamber by Wang Shifu.

Originally consisting of ten film reels, only 5 reels have survived.[1]

The 2007 USA DVD release by Cinema Epoch has an additional original musical score composed by Toshiyuki Hiraoka.




Further reading[edit]

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