Romance on the Run

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Romance on the Run
Romance on the Run 1938.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Gus Meins
Written by Eric Taylor (story)
Jack Townley (writer)

Ernest Miller

supervising editor = Murray Seldeen
Edited by Ernest J. Nims
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • May 11, 1938 (1938-05-11)
Running time
53 minutes (edited version)
68 minutes (edited version)
Country United States
Language English

Romance on the Run is a 1938 American film directed by Gus Meins.


A very expensive necklace, also known as "Czarina's Tears," are robbed from Phelps's jewelry shop. The next morning Phelps (Granville Bates) orders insurance company manager J. W. Ridgeway (Andrew Tombes) to retrieve it. Ridgeway is convinced that Phelps' insurance policy has not been renewed, as he doesn't think Phelps deserves it. But his young secretary Miss Harrison (Patricia Ellis) had renewed it automatically about a month before.

So Ridgeway has to solve the problem. Lieutenant Eckhard (William Demarest) enters the scene and demands that Ridgeway leave the case entirely to the police. But Ridgeway has his private investigator Drake (Donald Woods). Drake meets singer Lily Lamont (Grace Bradley) in a nightclub and makes her speak to Mr. Cooper (Craig Reynolds), who acts as if he didn't knew her. But in fact as Drake leaves them, they speak as good acquainted people.

In the meantime Drake goes into the apartment of Cooper's apartment to search for the necklace. Cooper discovers him, and Drake manages to find the necklace even though Cooper tries to disguise him. Enthusiastic he returns to Ridgeway, collects his fee of $10,000, which makes the lieutenant be even more sour about him, and leaves very happy. Soon Phelps arrives expecting to find his Czarina necklace, but it's only an imitation. Ridgeway has to leave for the train station and Miss Harris reacts very fast and follows him as she gets to know that the case is not solved.

A chase first at the train station, then in the train, finally at a family in the middle of nowhere leads them - Drake and Miss Higgins - to find the true necklace, and with it between the two a romantic story has evolved. They manage to return in time into the office of Ridgeway, pretending that nothing happened, while the true necklace is going to be handed over to Phelps. The Police Lieutenant is the idiot of the wit and has to hand over the phony necklace, while Dale shows with her eyes where the true one is lying. Her love, Barry Drake can hand over the true "Czarina's Tears" necklace, Whitey is proud of his master, and Dale and Barry have a lunch engagement at the wedding license office.



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