Romani people in the Republic of Macedonia

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Romani people in the Republic of Macedonia
Macedonian Gipsies.jpg
Macedonian Romani children (around 1900)
Total population
(53 879 (2002 census)
80 000
to 260 000 (Unofficial estimations))
Romani (Balkan Romani) and Macedonian
Sunni Islam [1]
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Romani people
Flag of the Romani people

According to the last census from 2002, there were 53 879 people counted as Romani in the Republic of Macedonia, or 2.66% of the population. Another 3 843 people have been counted as "Egyptians" (0.2%). Altogether, 2.85% Romani and Egyptians have been registered in Macedonia.

Other sources claim the number to be between 80 000[2] and 260 000[3] Roma in Macedonia or approximately 4 to 12% of the total population.

The municipality of Šuto Orizari is the only municipality in the world with a Romani majority and the only municipality where Romani is an official language. Due to the demographics, both Romani and Macedonian are official in Šuto Orizari, the municipality being officially bilingual. The mayor of the municipality, Elvis Bajram, is an ethnic Roma.

In 2009, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia took measures to enlarge inclusion of Romani in the education process.[4]

The Republic of Macedonia is the region's leader in respecting the rights of the Romani people. It is the first country in the region with a minister of Romani ethnicity and also has a lot of Romani in high government positions. However, there is still a lot to be done concerning the education and integration of the Romani.[5]



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