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Românii au talent
Season 2
Broadcast from 7 February – 11 May 2012
Judges Mihai Petre
Andi Moisescu
Host(s) Pavel Bartoș & Smiley
Broadcaster PRO TV
Cristian Gog
Origin Cluj-Napoca
Genre(s) Illusionism
Mihai Petraiche

The second series of Românii au talent was broadcast on ProTV from 7 February 2012 to 11 May 2012. ProTV kept the same team, Smiley and Pavel Bartoș presenters, Andra, Mihai Petre and Andi Moisescu jurors. The season started with a bigger audience than the first. The first episode from auditions had a 21.8 rating, compared to 18 points for the similar episode of the first season.

The show was won by mentalist Cristian Gog, with robot-dancer Mihai Petraiche second and speed-cubbing Cristian Leana on the third place.


The auditions were extended to six cities. Constanţa, Timișoara, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca were kept, and Iaşi and Craiova were added. The auditions took place between August and September 2011.[1]

The first episode was broadcast on 17 February and it was again a big hit for ProTV. They decided to air seven auditions episodes, instead of six for the first season. Also, the number of contestants qualified for the semifinals was extended from 48 to 60. There were five semifinals, three acts from each semifinal qualified for the final, two voted via phone or sms and the third voted by the jurors.


Key      Winner      Runner-up      Third place      Finalist      Semi-finalist (lost judges' or public vote)
Name / Name of act Age(s) Genre Act From Semi Position Reached
Adrian Pintilie and Sorin 10-? Dancing Breakdance Arad 2 Semi-finalist
Aflat Carol 42 Singing Opera Singer Hațeg 1 Semi-finalist
Alexandru Chitic 21 Acrobatic Fire act Brașov 4 Semi-finalist
Alexandru Munteanu 21 Singing Guitar playing Craiova 1 Semi-finalist
Răzvan "Krem" Alexe 22 Singing Hip-hopper Bucharest 2 Finalist
Aset Crew Dancing 9-strong dance group Brăila 1 Finalist
Avem Amentză Romale Musicants Music objects Târgu-Mureș 1 Semi-finalist
BarSession Acrobatics Flair bartending Brașov 3 Finalist
Bogdan Balmus 19 Acrobatic Cycling Piatra Neamț 3 Semi-finalist
Călușarii "Plaiurile Oltețului" 6-63 Dancing 60-traditional dance group Osica de Jos, Olt 4 Semi-finalist
Ciprian Coldoș & SLOW 32-3 Animals Dog act Cluj-Napoca 4 Semi-finalist
Claudiu Toader 27 Acrobatic Pizzar tricks Craiova 2 Semi-finalist
Constanța Cobzariu 57 Singing Opera singer Tecuci 1 Semi-finalist
Cosmin Mihalache 18 Singing Pianist Hunedoara 5 Semi-finalist
Cristian Gog 30 Magic Illusionism Cluj-Napoca 3 Winner[2]
Cristian Leana 17 Rubik Speedcubing Bucharest 5 Third Place
DADI+ 33-47 Dancing 5-dance group Oradea 4 Semi-finalist
Dalma Szatan 14 Dancing Dance Cluj-Napoca 2 Semi-finalist
Diaconu Alexandru-Neomagicianul MYDAS 25 Magic Magician Iași 5 Semi-finalist
Flaviu Cernescu 30 Acrobatic Monocycle Timișoara 5 Semi-finalist
Flaviu fără "s" and Ricky 20-13 Dancing Hip-hop and gypsy dance Cluj-Napoca 5 Semi-finalist
Florian Cârpaci 82 Contortionist Contortionist Deva 4 Semi-finalist
Florin Limbovici 35 Acrobatic Slackline Constanța 2 Semi-finalist
Floris Bistrița 14-24 Dancing 12-strong dance group Bistrița 3 Semi-finalist
Gigel Frone 43 Singing Singer Onești 2 Finalist
Gold Mask 20-21 Dancing 4-dance group Târgu-Mureș 2 Semi-finalist
Grupul O.Z.N. cu Masterred Comedy Comedians Timișoara 1 Semi-finalist
Hypnosis Juggling Juggling with fire Brașov 2 Semi-finalist
Ialcin Regep 19 Singing Opera singer Bucharest 4 Semi-finalist
Iulia and Bayley 26-3 Animals Dog act Alba Iulia 5 Semi-finalist
Iulian Tănase 32 Sculptor Ice act Constanța 1 Semi-finalist
Keep The Vibe Alive Dancing Dance ment house Constanța 1 Semi-finalist
Larisa Bercea 21 Dancing Pole dance Bucharest 5 Semi-finalist
Laurențiu and Beatrice Ion 21-9 Gymnastics Gymnastics Bucharest 5 Semi-finalist
Lil Motion 6-17 Dancing 23-strong dance group of girls Brăila 4 Finalist
Loredana and Cristian Fieraru 15-38 Singing Singer and cymbal player Hunedoara 1 Finalist
Luiza Ciudin 12 Singing Traditional music Gorj 5 Semi-finalist
Marian Florea 29 Singing Singer and translator Bucharest 4 Semi-finalist
Marius Paraschiv 22 Magic Magician Bucharest 4 Semi-finalist
Mihai "Bacio" Vulpe 35 Singing Singer Constanța 5 Semi-finalist
Mihai Petraiche 28 Dancing Robot dance Bucharest 5 2nd Place
Minestrone Band Singing Singers the vegetables Sfântu Gheorghe 3 Semi-finalist
No Limit Dancing Deaf-mute 12-strong dance group Craiova 5 Finalist
Oana Lianu 36 Singing Pan flute player and singer Oradea 4 Finalist
Popa Tudorel 30 Comedy Comic Constanța 2 Semi-finalist
Radu Ionescu 16 Singing Guitar playing Constanța 4 Finalist
Raoul Sipos 15 Singing Rapper Cluj-Napoca 3 Semi-finalist
Răzvan Rotaru 24 Comedy Comic Bucharest 4 Semi-finalist
Roqfellaz Dancing Street dance Bucharest 3 Semi-finalist
Silviu Pașca & Friends 27-36 Singing Pop-rock music Timișoara 3 Semi-finalist
Ștefănescu Gabriel și Radu 11-47 Singing Playing guitar and whistle Craiova 2 Semi-finalist
Tatiana Fecioru 41 Gymnastics Gymnastics Bucharest 3 Semi-finalist
Toderică Mihai 25 Contortionist Contortionist Iași 1 Semi-finalist
Tomer Weissbuch 14 Singing Pop music Bucharest 3 Semi-finalist
Trio Magic Magic Magicians Bucharest 1 Semi-finalist
Trio Zamfirescu Singing Guitar playing Bucharest 3 Finalist
Vasile Godja 20 Singing Folk violinist Cluj-Napoca 2 Finalist
Vlad Jucan 18 Dancing Belly dance Turda 2 Semi-finalist
WUSHU Martial arts Martial arts Bucharest 3 Semi-finalist
X-treme Brothers Gymnastics Balancing act Câmpina 1 Finalist

Semi-finals summary[edit]

The "Order" columns list the order of appearance each act made for every episode.

Key Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Buzzed out Crystal Clear app clean.svg Judges' choice
  Won the public vote
  Won the judges' vote / split decision
  Lost the judges' vote / public vote

Semi-final 1 (6 April)[edit]

  • Guest performers: Adrian Țuțu and Narcis Iustin Ianău
Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' choices Result
Andi Andra Mihai
Keep The Vibe Alive 1 Dance ment house Eliminated
Trio Magic 2 Magicians Eliminated
Aflat Carol 3 Opera singer Eliminated
Grupul O.Z.N. cu Masterred 4 Comedians Eliminated
Iulian Tănase 5 Ice act Eliminated
Loredana and Cristian Fieraru 6 Singer and cymbal player 2nd (Won public vote)
Toderică Mihai 7 Contortionist Eliminated
Avem Amentză Romale 8 Music objects Eliminated
Constanța Cobzariu 9 Opera singer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Lost the judges' vote)
Alexandru Munteanu 10 Guitar playing Eliminated
X-treme Brothers 11 Balancing act 1st (Won public vote)
Aset Crew 12 9-strong dance group Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Won the judges' vote)

Semi-final 2 (13 April)[edit]

  • Guest performers: Valentin Dinu
Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' choices Result
Andi Andra Mihai
Gold Mask 1 4-dance group Eliminated
Vasile Godja 2 Folk violinist 2nd (Won public vote)
Dalma Szatan 3 Dance Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Ștefănescu Gabriel și Radu 4 Playing guitar and whistle Eliminated
Florin Limbovici 5 Slackline Eliminated
Gigel Frone 6 Sing Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Won the judges' vote)
Adrian Pintilie and Sorin 7 Breakdance Eliminated
Popa Tudorel 8 Comic Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Lost the judges' vote)
Răzvan "Krem" Alexe 9 Hip-hopper 1st (Won public vote)
† Claudiu Toader[3] 10 Pizzar tricks Eliminated
Hypnosis 11 Juggling with fire Eliminated
Vlad Jucan 12 Belly dance Eliminated

Semi-final 3 (20 April)[edit]

  • Guest performers: Cosmin Agache and Natalia & Aliona Duminică
Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' choices Result
Andi Andra Mihai
Floris Bistrița 1 12-strong dance group Eliminated
Minestrone Band 2 Sing the vegetables Eliminated
Tatiana Fecioru 3 Gymnastics Eliminated
Raoul Sipos 4 Rapper Eliminated
Bogdan Balmus 5 Cycling Eliminated
Tomer Weissbuch 6 Pop music Eliminated
WUSHU 7 Martial arts Eliminated
Silviu Pasca & Friends 8 Pop-rock music Eliminated
Cristian Gog 9 Mentalist 1st (Won public vote)
BarSession 10 Flair bartending Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Won the judges' vote)
Roqfellaz 11 Street dance Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Lost the judges' vote)
Trio Zamfirescu 12 Guitar playing 2nd (Won public vote)

Semi-final 4 (27 April)[edit]

Guest performers: Titanii Funky Fresh, Robo & Valentin Păun and Ștefan Stan

Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' choices Result
Andi Andra Mihai
Călușarii "Plaiurile Oltețului" 1 60-traditional dance group Eliminated
† Florian Cârpaci[4] 2 Contortionist Eliminated
Ialcin Regep 3 Opera singer Eliminated
Răzvan Rotaru 4 Comic dance Eliminated
Radu Ionescu 5 Guitar playing 1st (Won public vote)
DADI+ 6 5-dance group Eliminated
Marius Paraschiv 7 Magician Eliminated
Marian Florea 8 Sing and translate Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Ciprian Coldoș & SLOW 9 Dog act Top 4 (Lost the judges' vote)
Lil Motion 10 23-strong dance group of girls Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Won the judges' vote)
Oana Lianu 11 Pan flute player and singer 2nd (Won public vote)
Alexandru Chitic 12 Fire act Eliminated

Semi-final 5 (4 May)[edit]

  • Guest performers: Ballance
Artist Order Act Buzzes and judges' choices Result
Andi Andra Mihai
Iulia & Bayley 1 Dancing dog act Eliminated
Cosmin Mihalache 2 Pianist Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Lost the judges' vote)
Laurențiu and Beatrice Ion 3 Gymnastics Eliminated
Flaviu fără "s" and Ricky 4 Hip-hop and gypsy dance Eliminated
Luiza Ciudin 5 Traditional music Eliminated
Larisa Bercea 6 Pole dance Eliminated
Cristian Leana 7 Speedcubing Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Top 4 (Won the judges' vote)
Diaconu Alexandru-Neomagicianul MYDAS 8 Magician Eliminated
Flaviu Cernescu 9 Monocycle Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Eliminated
Mihai "Bacio" Vulpe 10 Sing Eliminated
Mihai Petraiche 11 Robot dance 2nd (Won public vote)
No Limit 12 Deaf-mute 12-strong dance group 1st (Won public vote)

Final (11 May)[edit]

  Third Place
Artist Order Act Finished Result
Lil Motion 1 23-strong dance group of girls Unknown Eliminated
Vasile Godja 2 Folk violinist Unknown Eliminated
X-treme Brothers 3 Balancing act Unknown Eliminated
Radu Ionescu 4 Guitar playing Unknown Eliminated
Răzvan "Krem" Alexe 5 Hip-hopper Unknown Eliminated
Aset Crew 6 9-strong dance group Unknown Eliminated
Loredana and Cristian Fieraru 7 Singer and cymbal player Unknown Eliminated
BarSession 8 Flair bartending Unknown Eliminated
Oana Lianu 9 Pan flute player and singer Unknown Eliminated
Trio Zamfirescu 10 Guitar playing Unknown Eliminated
Cristian Gog 11 Illusionist 1 Winner
Mihai Petraiche 12 Robot dance 2 Runner-up
Gigel Frone 13 Sing Unknown Eliminated
No Limint 14 Deaf-mute 12-strong dance group Unknown Eliminated
Cristian Leana 15 Speedcubing 3 Third place


Episode Date Viewers Share Peak Viewers Peak Share Source
Auditions 1 17 February 2.3m 41% 3.05m 58.5% [5]
Auditions 2 24 February 2.4m 48.2% 3.04m - [6][7]
Auditions 3 2 March 2.39m 51.5% 3.03m 64.7% [8][9]
Auditions 4 9 March 2.59m 54% 3.36m 65.3% [10][11]
Auditions 5 16 March 2.53m 55.4% 3.18m 68.4% [12][13]
Auditions 6 23 March 2.41m 50.4% 3.20m 70.7% [14][15]
Auditions 7 30 March 2.7m 48% 3.52m 69.1% [16][17]
Semi-final 1 6 April 2.1m 47.8% 2.87m 52.8% [18][19]
Semi-final 2 13 April 1.75m 38.1% 2.4m - [20][21]
Semi-final 3 20 April 1.9m 37.5% 2.7m - [22][23]
Semi-final 4 27 April 1.58m 33.9% 2.25m - [24][25]
Semi-final 5 4 May 1.75m 40% 2.55m - [26][27]
Final 11 May 1.94m 46.6% 2.86m - [28][29]


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