Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000

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Eurovision Song Contest 2000
Country  Romania
National selection
Selection process Eurovision Selecţia Naţională
Selection date(s) February 27, 2000
Selected entrant Taxi
Selected song "The Moon"
Finals performance
Final result 17th, 25 points
Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄1998 2000 2002►

Romania was represented by Taxi, with the song '"The Moon", at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 13 May in Stockholm. Romania returned to the Eurovision final after being forced to sit out the 1999 contest due to relegation after a poor result in 1998. "Luna" was chosen as the Romanian entry at the national final on 27 February, but Taxi decide to sing the song in English, make it the first song with any lyrics in Romanian.

National final[edit]

The National Final took place on February 27, 2000 at the Palatul Copiilor in Bucharest and was hosted by Celia Petricu & Dan Negru. There were 13 songs in the final with the winning song chosen solely by tele-voting, however it emerged that there were problems with the televoting. The composers of the runner-up by Valahia threatened to take legal action because after one hour of televoting they were in the lead, and there was only supposed to be one hour for televoting. However, for some reason there ended up being 3 hours for televoting, at the end of which Taxi were the winners.[1]

Result of National Final[edit]

By order performed:

National Final - February 27, 2000
Draw Singer Song Points Place
1 Taxi "Luna" 474 1
2 Nicola feat.Un-Q Sapro & Evrika "I Feel Good" 226 13
3 2 B Brothers "Doar privirea ta" 248 8
4 Monica Anghel, Gheorghe Zamfir, Body & Soul "Let the Music Come into Your Soul" 396 3
5 No Comment "Regina mea" 297 7
6 Roxana Iacob "Alone" 240 12
7 Elena Cârstea "Let's Change the World" 306 5
8 Valahia "Why" 449 2
9 Luminiţa Anghel "M-ai înșelat" 301 6
10 Sfinx Experience "Alb sau negru" 246 11
11 Laurenţiu Cazan "Survive și iarăși voi zbura" 248 8
12 Daniel Robu "I Can Touch the Stars" 326 4
13 Direcţia 5 "Poţi să visezi" 247 10

At Eurovision[edit]

Taxi performed sixth, following France and preceding Malta. At the end of the voting Romania placed seventeenth with 25 points getting 12 points from Macedonia. Because of the poor result, Romania was relegated from the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest.

Points Awarded by Romania[2][edit]

12 points  Russia
10 points  Macedonia
8 points  Croatia
7 points  Malta
6 points  Estonia
5 points  Spain
4 points  Finland
3 points  United Kingdom
2 points  Ireland
1 point  Denmark

Points Awarded to Romania[edit]

Romania scored 18 points from juries (maximal 12 points from Macedonia and 6 points from Russia) but it received only 7 points from televoting (from Croatia). It is also notable that Romania's top 3 are only countries which give points to Romania

Points Awarded to Romania
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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