Romania men's national ice hockey team

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Shirt badge/Association crest
The Coat of arms of Romania is used as the badge on the team jerseys
Nickname(s) Tricolori (Three Colors)
Association Romanian Ice Hockey Federation
General Manager Puia Gârbă
Head coach Kjell Lindqvist
Assistants Nelu Alexe
Captain Szabolcs Papp
Most games Doru Tureanu (112)
Most points Doru Tureanu (113)
IIHF ranking 28 Decrease1
Highest IIHF ranking 26 (first in 2003)
Lowest IIHF ranking 28 (first in 2009)
Team colors                    
First international
 United States 15–0 Romania 
(Krynica, Poland; February 1, 1931)
Biggest win
 Romania 52–1 New Zealand 
(Geel or Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium; March 19, 1989)
Biggest defeat
 Czechoslovakia 23–1 Romania 
(Prague, Czechoslovakia; February 17, 1947)
IIHF World Championships
Appearances 51 (first in 1931)
Best result 6th (1947)
Appearances 4 (first in 1964)
International record (W–L–T)

The Romanian men's national ice hockey team is the national men's ice hockey of Romania, and a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. They are currently ranked 28th in the 2010 IIHF World Rankings and currently compete in Division IIA. They have competed in four Olympic ice hockey competitions, the most recent being in 1980.

Olympic Games[edit]

Romania started Olympic hockey in 1964 in the B division. In the tournament, the team finished 12th out of 16 teams and managed 3 wins against Austria, Italy, and Hungary also with a tie against Yugoslavia. In 1968, Romania lost its qualification match against West Germany 7–0 and was forced to compete in the B division again. In the first two games, Romania beat Austria 3–2 and the Host, France 7–3. They lost their next three games and finished 12th out of 14 in the standings. After skipping the 1972 competition, Romania returned for the 1976 tournament. This time Romania played Poland in the Qualification round and lost 7–4, keeping them in the B division once again. However, Romania battled back and won 4 of 5 games with only one loss against Yugoslavia, still winning the division. The team finished 7th out of 12. In 1980, Romania was able to play with the top teams and was put into the Blue Division group, along with tough opponents such as Sweden, Czechoslovakia, and USA. In the first game Romania was down 4–2 to West Germany, but managed to score 4 goals to beat the former bronze medallists 6–4. In their next game Romania got shut out by Sweden 8–0. The Swedes scored 3 goals in the first period which left Romania out of it. After a lopsided loss to Czechoslovakia (7–2) the team then took on USA. The US jumped out to a 2–0 lead in the first period and added two more to it to lead 4-1 after two periods. Unlike other teams that the US had faced, the Romanians fought strong in the third period, despite being outshot 15–3, and scored a goal. The final score was 7–2. Romania played Norway for their final game, who had lost all four of their past games and had no chance to advance to the Medal Round. Romania fell behind less than a minute into the game, but stormed back to take the lead 3–1 in the third period. The Norwegian team battled back though, and scored once with a minute and a half left to play, and scored once more to tie it with only 29 seconds left. This tie still gave Romania one point but they had been hoping for a win. They finished the tournament with a 1–3–1 record, and were ranked 8th out of 12, just beating the Netherlands, West Germany, Norway, and Japan. This was the last time that the Romanians competed in the Olympic tournaments.

Tournament record[edit]

Olympic Games[edit]

  • 1964 – Finished in 12th place
  • 1968 – Finished in 12th place
  • 1976 – Finished in 7th place
  • 1980 – Finished in 9th place

World Championship[edit]

Winter Universiade[edit]

  • 1966 – 2nd place (Silver medal)
  • 1983 – 3rd place (Bronze medal)


The squad for the 2015 IIHF World Championship Division II.[1]

Head coach : Sweden Kjell Lindqvist.

Pos. No. Player Team
GK 30 Attila Adorján 26.10.1996 Hungary Miskolci JJSE
GK 1 Adrian Catrinoi Cornea 11.05.1979 Romania Steaua Rangers
GK 25 Rajmond Fülöp 03.07.1987 Romania ASC Corona 2010 Braşov
GK 20 Ottó Ónodi 12.07.1994 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
D 6 Huba Bors 15.11.1994 Romania CS Progym Gheorgheni
D 15 Botond Flinta 04.10.1987 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
D 2 Attila Góga 26.12.1981 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
D 7 Zsolt Kozma 02.05.1989 Romania CS Progym Gheorgheni
D 4 Zsolt Mastaleriu 07.03.1989 England Oxford City Stars
D 12 István Nagy 15.05.1981 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
D 3 Szabolcs Papp 30.06.1982 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
D 5 Yevgeni Pysarenko 12.04.1980 Romania ASC Corona 2010 Braşov
D 8 Alpár Salló 30.05.1994 Romania CS Progym Gheorgheni
D 9 Ciprian Tapu 01.05.1991 Romania Steaua Rangers
F 14 Mátyás Bíró 17.05.1994 Romania HSC Csíkszereda
F 11 Hunor Csergő 20.10.1995 Romania CS Progym Gheorgheni
F 24 Roberto Gliga 24.04.1993 France Drakkars de Caen
F 19 Attila Imecs 10.02.1991 Romania ASC Corona 2010 Braşov
F 22 Adrian Irimia 25.11.1991 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
F 21 Levente Lőrincz 05.01.1986 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
F 18 Ede Mihály 11.01.1986 Romania CSM Dunărea Galați
F 23 Zsombor Molnár 14.01.1993 Romania CS Progym Gheorgheni
F 13 Alexandru Munteanu 28.06.1987 Romania Steaua Rangers
F 19 Ioan Timaru 25.03.1974 Romania Steaua Rangers
F 10 Daniel Tranca 11.02.1994 Romania CS Progym Gheorgheni
F 17 Levente Zsók 21.10.1983 Romania ASC Corona 2010 Braşov


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