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Romanian Federation of Baseball and Softball

Baseball has more than 25 years of tradition in Romania - a small community has been constantly growing. There are, right now, more than 20 active teams in Romania, all over the country.

At one point, Romania had 39 clubs of baseball or softball.

820 young people officially play baseball, today, in more than 10 counties in Romania.

In the last 25 years, over 6000 young Romanians were involved in this sport.

Main events

1990 – International affiliation (IBAF & CEB)

1992 – International affiliation (IFS & EFS)

1992 - First International participation – European Championship for cadets (Agen – Franta) – 4th place;

1995 - Prague - Silver medals for juniors, in European Championships

1999 - Ostrava- Bronze medals for cadets, in European Championships

Best teams in the country in recent history

Early 90’s - CSS Roman & CS Biruinta Gheraesti Neamt

Late 90’s – CSS nr. 6 Bucuresti

2000’s Dinamo Bucuresti

2010’s – CS Atletico Alexandria

Main clubs

Clubul Sportul Studenţesc/CSS 6 - Bucuresti

Clubul Sportiv Biruința Gherăești, Neamt

Clubul Sportiv Atletico Alexandria

Clubul Sportiv Ishido Botoșani

Clubul Sportiv Giants Năsăud - Bistrita

Clubul Sportiv Leaders Călărași

Clubul Sportiv Școlar Călărași

Clubul Sportiv de Baseball și Softball Mureș

Clubul Sportiv “Prima Prundeni", Valcea

Clubul Sportiv Municipal Vatra Dornei, Suceava

Clubul Sportiv Liviu Buhăianu Frasin

Clubul Sportiv Royals IGB Suceava

Clubul Sportiv Școlar Târgu Neamț

Clubul Sportiv Viitorul Săbăoani, Neamt

Liceul cu Program Sportiv - CSS Roman

Clubul Sportiv Nord Star Năsăud

Clubul Sportiv CFR Iași

Clubul Sportiv Dinamo București

Clubul Sportiv Frontiera Tomis Constanța

Clubul Sportiv Școlar "Brașovia" Brașov

Clubul Sportiv Școlar Botoșani

Clubul Sportiv Angels București

Main competitions

National Championship of baseball – senior team, juniors III, juniors II, juniors I

National Championship of softball

National Championship of Schools

Romanian Cup - baseball + softball

Other competitions and memorials

Participation in international competitions:

European Cup Qualifiers for club teams – baseball

European softball cup for club teams

National Team – European Championship U12

National Team – Championship Junior Women EChJW

Executive Committee of FRBS



Development Director - SULTANESCU DAN

Address: B-dul Basarabiei 37-39, sector 2, Bucuresti Romania

Phone No: 021 - 317 00 93

Romanian national baseball team
Country  Romania
Confederation Confederation of European Baseball

The Romanian national baseball team is the national baseball team of Romania. The team represents Romania in international competitions.[1]

Tournament results[edit]

European Juveniles Baseball Championship