Romania national cricket team

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Flag of Romania
Flag of Romania
ICC membership granted 2013
ICC member status Affiliate Member
ICC development region Europe
World Cricket League division n/a
Captain n/a
Coach n/a
First recorded match n/a
As of 29 June 2013

Cricket was played in Romania between 1893 and 1930, after which it declined and the sport in Romania died out. In recent years the game has begun to grow again, particularly in Bucharest, Timișoara and Transylvania.

In July 2010 they played in a European Twenty20 tournament which was held in Skopje, Macedonia.

On 29 June 2013 Romania was granted affiliate status by the International Cricket Council and are therefore entitled to participate in ICC official events.[1]

As in a number of European countries, the game is dominated by expatriates from the United Kingdom and other traditional cricket-playing countries.

Romanian cricket clubs[edit]

  • Indian Cricket Club of Bucharest (ICCB)
  • Banat Lions Cricket Club (BLCC)
  • Bucharest Cricket Club (BCC)
  • Cluj Cricket Club (CCC)
  • Timișoara Titans Cricket Club (TTCC)
  • Transylvania Cricket Club (TCC)
  • United Cricket Club (UCC)

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