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Romanian Australians
Total population
14,051 (by birth, 2011)
20,998 (by ancestry, 2011))
Regions with significant populations
New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland
Romanian · Australian English
Eastern Orthodox Church,
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and Judaism.

Romanian Australians may include those who have immigrated to Australia from Romania, and Australian-born citizens of Romanian descent. According to ABS (2006 census) figures, there are 18,320 people with Romanian ancestry in Australia.[1]

Romanians were registered in Australia for the first time more than 80 years ago having emigrated for work seeking a more prosperous economic status, or as missionaries.[citation needed] But the first wave of Romanian emigrants to Australia came after World War II, when Romania was experiencing severe economic and political problems. The Romanians who were then emigrating to Australia principally settled in areas around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The number of Romanians who came to Australia at the time is estimated to be around 2,000 people.[citation needed]

The second wave of Romanian emigration to the Australian continent began after the Romanian Revolution of 1989, when the Communist regime fell and citizens received the right to leave Romania. They came in large numbers for the same reasons as the first-wave immigrants.


Today, the largest communities of Romanian-Australians can be found in the Sydney (4,145[2]), Melbourne (6,482[3]) and Brisbane (1,912[4]).

In the 2006 Census, among Romanian-born persons, the religious breakdown was as follows: 80.6% Christianity, 5.8% no religion or atheism, 4.4% Judaism, 3.0% other religions and 5.6% did not answer the question.[5]

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