Morzin Palace

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Morzin Palace
Morzinský palác
Morzin Palace
Front elevation (2007)
Morzin Palace is located in Greater Prague
Morzin Palace
Shown within Greater Prague
General information
Type Palace
Architectural style Prague High Baroque
Location District of Malá Strana
Address Nerudova Street 5/256, Prague
Coordinates Coordinates: 50°05′18″N 14°24′03″E / 50.08833°N 14.40083°E / 50.08833; 14.40083
Construction started 1713
Completed 1714
Technical details
Floor count 2
Design and construction
Architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel

Morzin Palace (Czech: Morzinský palác, German: Palais Morzin) is a baroque palace in Malá Strana, Prague, named after the Morzin family for whom it was built.


The previous town houses on the site were sold by Maximilian von Wallenstein to the Morzin family in 1668.[1] In 1713 Václav Morzin (1676-1737) commissioned Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel to create one palace on the site, and building work was completed the following year.[2] It remained in the Morzin family until 1881.[3]

Embassy of Romania[edit]

The Embassy of Romania in Prague is currently located at Morzin Palace, opposite the Italian Embassy. Its facade features two columns in the shape of chained Moors, a pun on the name of the building.

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