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The Cathedral in 2011

The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral (also known as the Metropolitan Church)[1] is a functioning religious and civic landmark, on Dealul Mitropoliei, in Bucharest, Romania. It is located near the Palace of the Chamber of Deputies of the Patriarchate of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Since it is a working cathedral, it is the site of many religious holidays and observances that take place for those who follow the Orthodox Christian faith in Bucharest, including a Palm Sunday pilgrimage.[2] The Orthodox Mass at the cathedral is known for its a cappella choir.[3] The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral is a designated Historical monument—Monument istoric of Romania.


The structure was begun in 1654 and completed in 1658 under the orders of the Wallachian prince, Serban Basarb.[4] The facade is in the Brâncovenesc style.[5] All of the original frescoes and sculptures were destroyed, except for the icon of Constantin and Helen, who are the patron saints of the cathedral.[4] The present-day frescoes were added in 1923 by Dimitrie Belizarie.[4]

In 1862, the Romanian prime minister, Barbu Catargiu, was assassinated as his open carriage passed in front of the cathedral.[1]

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