Romanian Secular-Humanist Association

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Romanian Secular-Humanist Association
PurposePromote secular humanist values in Romania.
Key people
Toma Pătrașcu
Anca Bontas
Vlad Nistor
Monica Belițoiu
(Executive Director)

The Romanian Secular-Humanist Association (Romanian: Asociația Secular-Umanistă din România, abbreviated as ASUR) is a non-governmental organization established in March 2010 to promote secular humanist values in Romania.[1] The organization's activities include fighting religious indoctrination in schools[2][3][4] and the state financing of churches.[5][6]

Since 2012, ASUR also organizes the annual Conferința Raționalilor (Rational's Conference)[7] and it was one of the partner organizations responsible for the Bucharest Science Festival in 2013 and 2014[8][9] and the Humanist Eastern European Conference in 2015.[10] The organization is a member of the European Humanist Federation[11] and as of October 2011 of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.[12][13]


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