Romanian legislative election, 1975

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Parliamentary elections were held in Romania on 9 March 1975.[1] The Front of Socialist Unity, dominated by the Romanian Communist Party and including other mass organisations, was the only organisation that contested the election.[2] No prospective candidate could run for office without the Front's approval.[3] The Front won all 349 seats in the Great National Assembly.[4]

Electoral system[edit]

These were the first elections held after a constitutional amendment in 1974, which reduced the number of seats in the Assembly from 465 to 349 and extended its term from four to five years.[5] Candidates were elected in single member constituencies, and had to receive over 50% of the vote.[5] If no candidate passed this threshold, or if voter turnout in the constituency was less than 50%, re-runs were held until the requirements were met.[5] Voters had the option of voting against the Front candidates.[2]


Party Votes % Seats
Front of Socialist Unity 14,715,539 98.8 349
Against 178,053 1.2
Invalid/blank votes 593
Total 14,894,185 100 349
Registered voters/turnout 14,900,032 100
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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