Romanians in Finland

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Romanians in Finland
Romania Finland
Total population
4,421 (2018)
Regions with significant populations
Uusimaa (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa· Southwest Finland (Turku· Åland (Maarianhamina)
Finnish · Romanian · Swedish
Related ethnic groups
Romanians in Germany

Romanians in Finland are immigrants from Romania residing in Finland.


Eastern European Romanis started arriving in Finland in 2007, when Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU. Many of the Romanian Romanis in the Helsinki region are from Valea Seacă[disambiguation needed].[1] Most of them beg and sell the Iso Numero magazine.[2]


Roughly 200 Romanians and Bulgarians are in the police force in Helsinki.[3]


1.64% speak Finnish, 0.47% speak Swedish and the rest 97.89% speak other languages.[4]


The regions with the most Romanians are Uusimaa (2,019, 0.12%), Southwest Finland (784, 0.16%) and Åland islands (478, 1.60%).

Romanians by Municipality in 2018[5]
Municipality Romanians %
1. Helsinki 737 0.11
2. Turku 513 0.27
3. Espoo 507 0.18
4. Vantaa 396 0.17
5. Mariehamn 220 1.87
6. Pori 177 0.21


Between 2011 and 2013, 2,887 Romanians in the Helsinki region committed a crime.[6]

In 2017, 20 Romanian citizens were arrested for suspected drug dealing in Helsinki.[7]


An increasing number of Romanian prostitutes can be found in Helsinki.[8] Most of the foreign sex workers in Finland are Romanian. They usually don't advertise themselves as Romanian, instead they advertise themselves as for example Czech or Spanish women.[9]


Romanian organizations in Finland include Tampereen Suomi-Romania yhdistys and Suomi-Romania seura.

Notable Finnish people of Romanian descent[edit]