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Romanians in Spain
Total population
676,005 / 865,707 (2018)[a]
Romanian, Spanish
Orthodox, Catholic
Related ethnic groups
Romanian Britons, Romanian Italians, Romanian Germans, Romanian Australians, Romanian Americans, Romanian Canadians, Romanian French people

  1. ^ 676,005 is the size of the population in Spain born in Romania (including those with Spanish citizenship). 865,707 is the size of the foreign population (thus, with no Spanish citizenship) in Spain with Romanian citizenship.[1][2][3]

Romanians in Spain form the second largest group of foreigners in the country, after Moroccans.[4] As of 2014, they made up 15.6% of Spain's total foreign population of 4,676,022 people.[5] Most of the immigration is for economic reasons, as well as many Romanians seek a brighter future for their families and relatives, which are attracted by the higher wages, better quality of life and superior public infrastructures of Spain. The linguistic similarities between Romanian and Spanish, as well as Romanians' Latin identity, are also a reason for the country's attractiveness.[6]


After the December 1989 Romanian Revolution, emigration was liberalized, but for the next few years, emigration to Spain was modest. It started to increase slowly in the late 1990s, and exploded after 2002. Emigration was further facilitated by the entry of Romania in the EU in 2007. By 2011, it reached a peak of nearly 900,000 people, after which the Romanian population has been steadily decreasing as a result of emigration from Spain since 2012 due to the economic problems and unemployment in the country, falling to 679,682 by July 2017.[7] Because of this, the diaspora in Italy, which has continued to increase, is now considerably larger than that in Spain.


Historical population
1998 2,258—    
1999 3,147+39.4%
2000 6,410+103.7%
2001 31,641+393.6%
2002 67,279+112.6%
2003 137,347+104.1%
2004 207,960+51.4%
2005 317,366+52.6%
2006 407,159+28.3%
2007 527,019+29.4%
2008 728,967+38.3%
2009 796,576+9.3%
2010 829,715+4.2%
2011 864,278+4.2%
2012 798,970−7.6%
2013 769,608−3.7%
2014 730,340−5.1%
2015 705,333−3.4%
2016 684,532−2.9%
2017 679,682−0.7%
2018 673,017−1.0%

Romanian diaspora in Spain is today the second Romanian diaspora in the EU, after that of Italy. In recent years, emigration to Southern Europe has started to slow down, with many Romanians now preferring Scandinavian counties such as Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, as well as the UK, Germany and Ireland.[8]

Romanian diaspora inside the EU between 2008 and 2012

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