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Created by Zoltán Magyar
Date 1956
Setting and usage Inter-Romance auxiliary language
Sources A posteriori, naturalistic, based on the Romance languages
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None
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Romanid is a constructed language, created by the Hungarian language teacher Zoltán Magyar. As the name expresses, it is based on the Romance languages and intended as a zonal constructed language that can be understood by Romance speakers without prior learning. Magyar published a first version of the language in May 1956 and a second, adapted version in December 1957. In 1984 he published a phrasebook with a short grammar, in which he presents a slightly more simplified version of the language than in older versions.[1]

The language is based on the most common word expressions from several Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).[2] It is said to enjoy some popularity among Hungarians.[3] According to the Russian newspaper Trud, Romanid, from a structural point of view, is "considerably simpler and easier to learn" than Esperanto.[4]


(1957 version) Moy lingva project nominad Romanid fu publicad ja in may de pasad ano cam scientific studium in hungar lingva...
(1984 version) Mi lingua project nominat Romanid esed publicat ja in may de pasat an cam scientific studio in hungar lingua...
(translation) My language project called Romanid was published already in May of last year as a scientific study in Hungarian...


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