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Lao romanization systems are transcriptions of the Lao script into the Latin alphabet.



The table below shows the Lao consonant letters and their transcriptions according to IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet,) BGN/PCGN romanization (1966 system) and LC (US ALA-LC romanization,) as well as the transcriptions used in the Unicode names of the letters, and in official Lao government usage.

Character Initial position Final position
/k/ k /k/ k
/kʰ/ kh /k/ k
/kʰ/ kh /k/ k
/ŋ/ ng /ŋ/ ng
/tɕ/ ch /t/ t c
/s/ s /t/ t s
/s/ x s /t/ t s
/ɲ/ gn ny ny
/d/ d /t/ t d
/t/ t /t/ t
/tʰ/ th /t/ t th
/tʰ/ th /t/ t th
/n/ n /n/ ne n
/b/ b /p/ p b
/p/ p /p/ p
/pʰ/ ph ph
/f/ f /p/ p f
/pʰ/ ph /p/ p ph
/f/ f /p/ p f
/m/ m /m/ m
/j/ y y
/r/,/l/ r /n/ ne n, r
/l/ l /n/ ne n, l
/ʋ/,/w/ v v, w w
/h/ h h
/ʔ/ o, –
/h/ h h

Vowel nuclei[edit]

The table below shows the Lao vowel nuclei, combined with the consonant ກ.

IPA BGN LC Unicode IPA BGN LC Unicode IPA BGN LC Unicode IPA BGN LC Unicode
ກະ/ກັກ /a/ a a a ກາ /aː/ a ā aa
ກິ /i/ i i i ກີ /iː/ i ī ii ເກັຽະ/ກັຽກ /iə/ ia ia ເກັຽ/ກຽກ ia īa
ກຶ /ɯ/ u ư y ກື /ɯː/ u ư̄ yy ເກຶອະ/ເກຶອກ /ɯə/ ua ưa ເກືອ ua ư̄a
ກຸ /u/ ou u u ກູ /uː/ ou ū uu ກົວະ/ກັວກ /uə/ oua ua ກົວ/ ກວກ oua ūa
ເກະ/ເກັກ /e/ é e ເກ /eː/ é ē e
ແກະ/ແກັກ /ɛ/ è æ ແກ /ɛː/ è ǣ ei
ໂກະ/ກົກ /o/ ô o ໂກ /oː/ ô ō o
ເກາະ/ກັອກ /ɔ/ o ກໍ/ກອກ /ɔː/ o ō̜
ເກິະ/ເກິກ /ɤ/ eu œ ເກີ/ ເກືກ /ɤː/ eu œ̄
ໄກ/ໃກ/ກັຍ /ai/ ai ai ai/ay ກາຍ/ກາຽ /ai/ āi
ເກົາ /au/ ao ao
ກໍາ /am/ am am am

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  • Unicode code chart for Lao
  • ANSI Z39.35-1979, System for the Romanization of Lao, Khmer, and Pali; ISBN 0-88738-968-6.