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Romanov Family Association
Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire.svg
Motto God with Us
Formation 1979
Type Family Association
Members of the Romanov family
Prince Michael Romanov Ilyinsky
Main organ
General assembly

The Romanov Family Association (Russian: Объединение Членов Рода Романовых, Obyedineniye Chlenov Roda Romanovykh) is an organization for male-line descendants of Emperor Paul I of Russia of the House of Romanov.


The idea for the creation of a family association was thought up by Prince Vsevolod Ioannovich, Prince Roman Petrovich and Prince Andrei Alexandrovich the heads of the Konstantinovichi, Nikolaevichi and Mihailovichi branches of the Imperial Family in order to strengthen the links between the family and protect it from impostors.[1][2] Following the death of Prince Roman Petrovich in 1978, his son Prince Nicholas Romanovich, after looking through his father's papers found that everything was effectively in place for the creation of a family association. Prince Nicholas then wrote to all the Romanovs who had been in communication with his father and it was agreed that a Family Association should be created. In 1979 the Romanov Family Association was officially formed with Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich as president and Prince Nicholas Romanovich as vice president. Prince Nicholas Romanovich was elected president, following Prince Vasili Alexandrovich who died in 1989.[1]

The association accepts that since 3 March (Julian Calendar) / 16 March (Gregorian Calendar), 1917 with the decree of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia's deferral of acceptance of the throne, that the Russian Provisional Government was recognized.[3] Article IV-b of the bylaws of the Romanov Family Association states "The Members of the Association agree that all questions concerning the form of government in Russia and consequently also all matters of a dynastic character have been transmitted to the will of the great Russian people by the Manifest of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich, which followed the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II on the basis of 'general, direct, equal and secret voting'."[1]

As a charitable endeavor, the association operates the Romanov Fund for Russia to raise money for aid projects in Russia.[4]


The Romanov Family Association (RFA) is an organization of legitimate male-line descendants of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia. While extensive, it by no means includes all of the House of Romanov or all Romanov descendants; Maria Vladimirovna has never joined and neither did her late father Vladimir Cyrillovich. The Association attributes the title of Prince or Princess of Russia to each of its members. Members of the Association now living are:

The RFA also offers Associate Memberships to the children and grandchildren of Princesses and Grand Duchesses, widows and widowers of Princes and Princesses and Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses, as well as people who have always shown close ties to the Romanovs. At the present there are five living Associate Members:

General Assembly[edit]

  • President: Prince Andrew Andreevich
  • Vice President: Prince Michael Pavlovich

Committee Members:


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