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For the Lewis album, see Romantic Times (album).
Romantic Times
Categories Romance, literary criticism
Founder Kathryn Falk
First issue 1981 (1981)
Country United States
Based in Brooklyn, New York
Language English
ISSN 1557-3397

Romantic Times is a genre magazine specializing in romance novels. It was founded as a newsletter in 1981 by Kathryn Falk. The initial publication took nine months to create and was distributed to 3,000 subscribers.[1] In 2004, the magazine reportedly had 150,000 subscribers, and had built a reputation as "Romance's premiere genre magazine".[2]

Since 1982 the magazine organizes the "Romantic Times Booklover's Convention."[2] Several thousand people attend the convention, which features author signings, a costume ball, and a male beauty pageant.[3]


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