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A view from the platform at Frascati.

The Rome–Frascati railway line is one of the oldest railways in Italy. It was the first railway in the Papal State, opening in 1856, at 20 km in length.


On November 25, 1848, the agreement to build the railroad was signed between the Government Committee and the Pio Latina Society. In eight years the railroad and two stations were built, the Porta Maggiore Station in Rome, the Frascati station in Campitelli resort 3 km from the city centre, and a tunnel. This line was built by Impresa York & Co., owner John Oliver York, building contractor and designer, 180 workers were engaged.

The line was opened for service on July 14, 1856, five trips a day, three in the morning and two in the afternoon, with 28 minutes of trip-time. The railway equipment was: six England-built steam locomotives (Sharp Stewart and William Bridges Adams) with six passenger carriages.

In 1874 the new Termini Station in Rome was opened for service and the Porta Maggiore Station in 1893 was demolished. In 1881 the railroad began construction on the last section from Campitelli resort to the city centre. The last section of the railway line and the new Frascati Station was inaugurated and opened for service on February 2, 1884, managed by Società per le Strade Ferrate Romane.

In 1943 the Frascati Station was destroyed (Frascati bombing raid September 8, 1943). In 1944 the rail tunnel was used by the Wehrmacht (German Army) to hide the big rail heavy gun (280 mm) used to defend against the Allied landings in the area of Anzio.

Route layout[edit]

0.00 Roma Termini
(Left) to Pescara, Naples (high-speed),
Florence and Florence (high-speed)
(Right) to Viterbo, Pisa, Fiumicino
2.00 Roma Casilina
To Naples via Formia
10.00 Capannelle* 1939[1]
Grande Raccordo AnulareEuropean route E80
14.00 Ciampino
To Velletri, Albano / To Naples via Cassino
Ciampino Tunnel (station)
Ciampino Tunnel
Valle Vermiglia
Frascati Villa Campitelli
To San Cesareo
23,58 Frascati/Frascati SFV * 1884


  • 1848 - 1856 Line and two stations constructed
  • 1874 New Termini Station in Rome was opened for service
  • 1881 - 1884 Last railroad section constructed
  • 1884 Railway opened for service from Frascati city centre to Termini Station in Rome
  • 1943 Frascati Station destroyed
  • 1945 Frascati Station was opened again for service

The route today[edit]

As of 2006, the track and infrastructure are managed by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana while the train and the passenger operation is managed by Trenitalia. The stations connected by the railway are: Frascati, Ciampino, Capannelle, Roma Termini. The rolling stock in operation is vintage and the route is scenic, it passes through vineyards and olive groves. There is an hourly service during weekdays, while on Sundays trains run every two hours.


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