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Rome is the English form of the name of the capital city of Italy, and formerly capital of the Roman Empire and seat of the papacy, where it consistently has been called Roma.

Rome may also refer to:

Ancient history[edit]

  • Ancient Rome, a civilization of classical antiquity, comprising:
    • The Roman Kingdom (753–509 BC), the regal period following the founding of Rome
    • The Roman Republic (509–27 BC), the era of expansion under republican government
    • The Roman Empire (27 BC–AD 395), the era of autocratic rule by emperors
    • The Western Roman Empire (AD 395–476), the western division of the late Empire until its fall

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United States[edit]



  • Diocese of Rome, the papal archbishopric in central Italy
  • Rome as pars pro toto for the Holy See and/or the whole (Roman) Catholic Church



  • Romé, a wine of Spain
  • Return on modeling effort (ROME), the benefit in improving a model
  • Rome apple, an apple variety also known as Rome Beauty or Red Rome
  • Rome process, an international effort to define and categorize the functional gastrointestinal disorders
  • Epyc Rome, the second generation of AMD's Epyc line of server processors, codenamed Rome

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