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Rome is the capital city of Italy.

Rome may also refer to:

Ancient Rome[edit]

Modern Rome, Italy[edit]

Places outside Italy[edit]

United States


Arts and entertainment[edit]

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  • Rome process, an international effort to define and categorize the functional gastrointestinal disorders

People with the family name Rome[edit]

  • David Rome (1910-1970), English cricketer
  • Harold Rome (1908–1993), American composer
  • Jim Rome (born 1964), American sports radio talk show host
  • Richie Rome, American conductor and producer, active in the 1970s
  • Sydne Rome (born 1951), American actress


  • Rome apple, an apple variety also known as Rome Beauty or Red Rome



  • Rome Laboratory (formerly Rome Air Development Center, RADC), a research and development laboratory of the U.S. Air Force
  • Rome Observatory, an astronomical observatory


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