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Rome Braves
Founded in 2003
Rome, Georgia
RomeBravesLogo.PNG RomeBravesCapLogo.PNG
Team logo Cap insignia
Current Class A (2003–present)
Minor league affiliations
League South Atlantic League (2003–present)
Division Southern Division
Major league affiliations
Current Atlanta Braves (2003–present)
Minor league titles
League titles (2) 2003, 2016
Division titles (2) 2003, 2016
Team data
Nickname Rome Braves (2003–present)
Ballpark State Mutual Stadium (2003–present)
Atlanta National League Baseball Club, Inc.
Manager Randy Ingle
General Manager Michael Dunn

The Rome Braves are a Class-A minor league affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. In 2003, the team, previously known as the Macon Braves, moved from Macon, Georgia, to Rome, Georgia, 60 miles northwest of Atlanta.

Home games are played at State Mutual Stadium, which was built entirely from a SPLOST tax before State Mutual paid for the naming rights, opened April 11, 2003 and seats 5,105. In addition to three levels of regular seating, the stadium also features a lawn seating area known as "Applebee's Home Run Hill." There are also 14 suites for VIP fans.

Rome Braves Sign next to State Mutual Stadium in the back

Team management[edit]

Randy Ingle was appointed manager of the team in 2006, replacing Rocket Wheeler, who moved to the other Class-A farm team for the Atlanta Braves, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. According to the official Rome Braves Website, 2008 marks Ingle's 30th year with the Braves organization. Ingle was replaced in 2011 by Matt Walbeck, but he did not last through the season, and was replaced by Rick Albert. To bring stability back to the team, Ingle returned to manage the team for its 2012 and 2013 seasons.

As the team's general manager, Michael Dunn is in charge of the front office staff, while Jim Jones is the assistant general manager.

Team mascots[edit]

The Rome Braves have three mascots, Romey, Roxie, and introduced for the 2015 season their "son" Roman. Romey is a tall (six-foot-three-inch), blue, furry humanoid male mascot with yellow hair, while Roxie, who was added to the team after the 2005 season, is five-feet-five-inches tall, humanoid, a lighter blue, and has a large yellow ponytail.


Season records[1]

Season First Half Record Second Half Record Overall Record
2003 36–33, 4th place South 42–28, 1st place South 78–61, 2nd place South
2004 40–30, 3rd place South 30–40, 7th place South 70–70, 3rd place South
2005 39–29, 3rd place South 33–36, 6th place South 72–65, 4th place South
2006 42–28, 1st place South 29–40, 6th place South 71–68, 5th place South
2007 29–41, 7th place South 37–33, 6th place South 66–74, 6th place South
2008 22–47, 8th place South 34–34, 6th place South 56–81, 8th place South
2009 35–35, 5th place South 31–38, 6th place South 66–73, 6th place South
2010 30–39, 6th place South 29–41, 7th place South 59–80, 7th place South
2011 25–45, 7th place South 35–35, 5th place South 60–80, 5th place South
2012 18–52, 7th place South 44–24, 1st place South 62–72, 7th place South
2013 36–33, 5th place South 37–33, 2nd place South 73–66, 4th place South
2014 24-46, 7th place South 32–38, 4th place South 56-84
2015 31–39, 6th place South 27–43, 7th place South 58–82
2016 27-42, 6th place South 43–27, 1st place South 70–69

Notable former players[edit]

Current roster[edit]

Rome Braves roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 19 Ian Anderson
  • 40 Thomas Burrows
  • 37 Matt Custred
  •  8 Tucker Davidson
  • -- Luis Gamez Injury icon 2.svg
  • -- Dalton Geekie Injury icon 2.svg
  • 43 Jon Kennedy
  • 18 Ryan Lawlor Injury icon 2.svg
  • 46 Taylor Lewis
  • 45 Bladimir Matos
  • 28 Kevin Matthews
  • -- Luis Mora Injury icon 2.svg
  • 26 Alan Rangel
  • 34 Ryan Schlosser
  • 30 Jeremy Walker
  • 22 Joey Wentz
  • 52 Bryse Wilson


  • 27 Alan Crowley
  •  7 Lucas Herbert
  •  4 Carlos Martinez


  • 48 Austin Bush
  • 16 Kurt Hoekstra
  • 24 Kevin Josephina
  •  2 Marcus Mooney
  •  9 Jordan Rodgers


  • 23 Anthony Concepcion
  • 25 Cristian Pache
  • 11 Randy Ventura
  • 20 Isranel Wilson


  • 12 Randy Ingle


Injury icon 2.svg 7-day disabled list
* On Atlanta Braves 40-man roster
# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated July 17, 2017
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