Romeo's Blue Skies

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Romeo and the Black Brothers
Cover of the first DVD
(Romeo's Blue Skies)
Genre Drama
Anime television series
Directed by Kôzô Kuzuha
Studio Nippon Animation
Original network Fuji TV
Original run January 15, 1995December 17, 1995
Episodes 33 (List of episodes)
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Romeo's Blue Skies (ロミオの青い空, Romio no aoi sora, "Romeo's Blue Skies") is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. Although "Romeo's Blue Skies" is the literal translation of the Japanese title, the official English name given by Nippon Animation is "Romeo and the Black Brothers". It is known in the Philippines as "Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo" (literally "Romeo's Simple Dreams").

It is based on the novel Die schwarzen Brüder ("The Black Brothers") written in 1941 in Switzerland by author Lisa Tetzner.


Voiced by Ai Orikasa (Japanese) Louie Paraboles (Tagalog)
Young optimistic boy, who often courageously helps those around him without self-regard. He offers himself to Luini for sale as a chimney sweep when his sick father cannot pay for a doctor. He is sent to Milan where he quickly learns the trade while always maintaining a positive attitude. After ten years he will marry Bianca, name their son Alfredo after his best friend, and brother-in-law.
Count Alfredo
Voiced by Fujita Toshiko
Romeo's best friend, and in the anime series the heir to a large fortune. He and his sister Bianca were orphaned by their evil uncle Mauritio and aunt Graziella, who coveted the family wealth for themselves and therefore murdered Alfredo's parents by fire. In order to support Bianca, Alfredo sold his services as a chimney sweep to Luini. Drawing upon an old favor the King owed Alfredo's father, Alfredo and Bianca, with the help of Romeo and their friends, manage to thwart the villains.
The Black Brothers
A group of young chimney sweeps formed by Alfredo and Romeo, they consider each other as family and work together to solve conflict.
Luini, the God of Death
Voiced by Tetsuo Komura
A cruel man who visits towns to buy children, he goes as far as destroying the livelihood of Romeo's family in order to bind him under a contract. He later sells them as chimney sweeps making large sums of profit.
Countess Bianca
Voiced by Akemi Okamura
Alfredo's sister. For her Alfredo sold his services as a chimney sweep to Luini. She was captured by her evil uncle and aunt, rescued by the efforts of Romeo, Alfredo and the Black Brothers. After ten years she will marry Romeo, and bore a son whom they will name Alfredo after his uncle and father's best friend.
Romeo's pet ermine, who strangely retains its winter coat throughout the series.
Voiced by Masahiro Anzai
Romeo's boss, who bought him.
Countess Angeletta
Voiced by Maria Kawamura
Daughter of countess Isabel, Beautiful girl who lives with Rossi. Struck down with a lingering illness, she is unable to leave her bed, left alone in her room.
Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama
The leader of a juvenile street gang named the Wolves who consider themselves rivals of the Black Brothers. Despite his tough nature, he believes in Honor and does not tolerate cheating which was proven when he did not approve of his co-member Tashoni who used a switchblade in an attempt to defeat Romeo, when both his and Alfred/Romeo's groups agreed not to use weapons. He also does not fight the sick when he stopped himself from attacking Alfred when he found out that the latter was ill.
Voiced by Aya Ishizu
A tough, red-haired girl who is a member of Giovanni's gang. Although starting off as an enemy of the Black Brothers, she gradually adopts a more friendly attitude towards them, largely because she develops a crush on Alfredo.
Son of Rossi, he uses trick to stay in the Wolf Pack, including a made-up story claiming he was from Russian royalty. He is finally discovered and beaten up his old comrades. He takes revenge by framing Romeo.


  1. A Happening In A Village Of The Alps
  2. The Beginning Of The Destiny
  3. Farewell To My Village
  4. The Boy In The Portrait
  5. A Night In A Bar
  6. The Boat Is Sinking
  7. The House Of Angel
  8. The Present From The Angel
  9. A Love Letter In The Moonlight
  10. The Sketchbook
  11. Let's Become Friends
  12. Gone With The Fog
  13. The Meet In The Sewer
  14. Let's Get Away!
  15. Oath Of Eleven
  16. Alfredo is My Rival!
  17. The Duel At Saint Bavila Church
  18. The Song Of Unity
  19. The Grandmother Is A Witch
  20. The Puppet Of Teo
  21. The Secret Of Angeletta
  22. I Sae My Grandmother!
  23. Goodbye, My Angel
  24. Bianca
  25. The Brother And The Sister Meet Again
  26. The Proud Soul
  27. A Long Day
  28. The Young Noble Alfred
  29. Alfred Forever
  30. The Last Salute
  31. The Real Treasure
  32. A Lovely Christmas Eve
  33. To The Sky, On The Wing Of Freedom!

Popularity in the Arab world[edit]

The show was very popular in the Arab world and still is today as "عهد الأصدقاء" "Friends' Promise". Unlike most Arabic dubs of anime, Romeo's Blue Skies has retained most of its plot details without any altering.

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  • Romeo no Aoi Sora Drama and Soundtrack Vol 1 WPC6-8128
  • Romeo no Aoi Sora Original Soundtrack Vol 2 WPC6-8138
  • Sora E... (Opening song) Hiroko Kasahara WPD6-9037

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