Romeynshof metro station

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Rotterdam Metro station
Metrostation Romeynshof.jpg
Coordinates 51°57′42″N 4°32′34″E / 51.96167°N 4.54278°E / 51.96167; 4.54278Coordinates: 51°57′42″N 4°32′34″E / 51.96167°N 4.54278°E / 51.96167; 4.54278
Owned by RET
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 2
Opened 1983
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
Line A
Not on evenings and early weekend mornings
Line A
Evenings and early weekend mornings only

Romeynshof is a subway station on line A of the Rotterdam Metro system, and is situated in Rotterdam-Ommoord. It is located between Graskruid station, where lines A and B split, and Binnenhof station, the northern terminus of line A.

Trains coming from Binnenhof will depart for Schiedam Centrum for most of the day. After 5 pm their destination will be Kralingse Zoom and at night Alexander.

This station was opened on May 28, 1983 when the East-West Line (also formerly the Caland line) was extended from its previous terminus Capelsebrug. Note that this section uses overhead wires to provide traction power.